Lightning Orchestra at Elliot Street Pub

The Mothership definitly landed tonight when the Lightning Orchestra hit the stage at Elliot Street Deli & Pub in Atlanta.  Super funky jam session in Canterberry Hills with some amazing Afrobeat tossed in to reach even further down into your soul.

A band large and loud enough to make any 70’s funk band proud.  [Sean L McMorris (guitar), Dash SunNova Nukewolf (horns & vocals), Travis Murphy (bass), Vibraphone, Sax, Percussion, Drums, Keyboards]

Artist Q&A Dashill Smith(11/07/2015):

What was the first album that you added to your music library?
I believe the very first tape I bought with my own money was Kwame’s “The Boy Genius.”.

What was your most recent addition to your music library?
The most recent additions were Minnie Ripperton’s “Adventures in Paradise” (Repurchase on vinyl) Chicago Transit Authority (Vinyl) And Herbie Hancock’s “Sunlight.” (All Repurchases.)

What was your first live music experience? 
The first live music concert I can remember was a show that Full Force did when I was a kid in Brooklyn. I don’t remember the venue though.

If you could cover one album in your music library which would it be?
One Album I would cover would be Miles Davis “Big Fun” album.

Which artist do you wish more people had in their music library?
P-Funk baby!