New Music Fridays

New Music Tuesday is officially a thing of the past!  For the past 25 years, Tuesday has been the day that I could wrap my ears around new music.  The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry has changed this with a shift to a single global Friday release date for new albums.  This change means that fans will no longer have to wait for days to get access to newly-released tracks and albums. Up until July 10, 2015, music had been released on different days of the week in various countries – from Mondays in places like France and the UK, through Tuesdays in the US and Canada and to Fridays in places like Australia and Germany.

Friday is not just the start of the weekend, it is now the time to add new music to your Libro Musica!  From July 10th 2015, new music now comes out at 00.01 on Fridays