Vinyl Tuesday

Music lovers that prefer vinyl still have Tuesday musical treats to celebrate on Vinyl Tuesdays.  This initiative spawned by Independent retailers to highlight special-edition, catalog, promotional, and new releases on vinyl.  The organizers believe that Friday is wrong for a global release day, and by releasing physical music on Tuesdays,

“Vinyl Tuesday is a way for us to encourage artists, labels, distributors and managers to continue to release physical music on Tuesdays when they can. This allows physical retailers to have something fresh to sell and to talk about during the week, and lets those releases not just get lost on the increasingly crowded Friday/weekend.”

Find a list of participating stores follow the link here.

The first vinyl that I ever purchased was 1999 by Prince.  A mind blowing mix of funk and rock in this double album that led me to spend many Tuesday’s at the local record store putting on headphones and listening to the new releases.  Which vinyl was YOUR first?