Jeanepierre Verbist at Eclipse di Luna

Jeanpierre Verbist brought his acoustic guitar to Eclipse di Luna Dunwoody on this rainy Monday night.  Jeanpierre Verbist describes his style as a fusion of Moorish, Arabic and Latin styles with traditional flamenco sounds.  Not many can boast to have been trained by gypsies in France, Belgium and Spain but, this is where Jeanpierre Verbist gained his initial lessons with guitar.

The backdrop of the live Latin music helped to set the mood for the early evening dinner guests and bar patrons.  It didn’t take too far a stretch of the imagination to believe that one was sitting inside a restaurante or ristorante.  The food and music helped us all to escape the memories of Monday traffic.

If you get a chance to hear Jeanepierre Verbist at Eclipse di Luna you should treat yourself!  As I await Jeanpierre Verbist’s first available EP or album, I will pull some music from Carlos Montoya, Paco de Lucia and Gerardo Nunez from my Libro Musica (Music Library) to enjoy at home for a few nights.