Matt Carroll at Roux on Friday the 13th

We came to Roux for the food on this Friday the 13th but it’s always a pleasure to have some good music to start the night.   I had gumbo and jambalya on my mind but adding live music with Matt Carroll at Roux on Canton Street in historic Roswell was a treat.  Roux serves up some southern-style food with Cajun influences (like shrimp and grits) and classic Cajun dishes.  On Fridays and Saturdays, the crew at Roux clear out a few tables and make room for live music or a DJ.  Tonight’s musical entertainment was brought to the crowd by Matt Carroll.

On a Friday night on Canton Street in Roswell one always expects a crowd and a wait for dinner.  My friends and I gathered at the bar and quickly made a few new friends over drinks.  While I was enjoying my Makers on the Rocks, Matt Carroll wandered through the crowd and passed out his extensive list of cover music.  Making his way through the crowd, saying hello and asking for song suggestions for the night was a great personal touch, I give Matt Carroll kudos for that piece of showmanship.  Matt showed off his diversity by covering songs by a number of artists including Prince, Adel, Rick Springfield and even some Lil Wayne.  He also mixed in a few original songs that had some whimsical lyrics.

In Atlanta there are those that live ITP that say that there is no music scene OTP.  Canton Street in Roswell is a place where one can find 2 or 3 live performances each Friday and Saturday night.  If you live in the northern ‘burbs add it to your list of places to enjoy for great food and music.

Where do you go for live music OTP?