Andreilien with SOOHAN at Aisle 5

Andreilien performed at Aisle 5 tonight with SOOHAN.  We came out to Aisle 5 tonight to help a friend celebrate her birthday.   Aisle 5 has ample parking which is a joy on a night when going out to enjoy music and dancing.  The air was crisp as we got out of our parked car.   The parking lot and stairs to the back entrance held a few groups of party goers enjoying their electronic and traditional cigarettes.  To my surprise we saw our friend outside and shared some hugs and hellos.   After some introductions to new friends we headed  around the building to make our way to the front entrance.  We could hear the music vibrating through the walls, definitely a sign of a ear and head pounding night!

The hint of the scene inside given by the music that escaped through the walls rang true as we made our way inside.  “I can feel my chest vibrating from the sounds of the music!”  was one of the first things I heard as we stood before the stage.

Aisle 5 was filled with a young crowd of people all entranced to the sounds of SOOHAN on stage.

Fractal bass producer Andreilien kept the party going with his set of music.

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