Poetry vs Hip Hop (Round II) at Apache Cafe

Sound and Lyrics Open Mic Series: Poetry vs Hip Hop, was put in place to answer a few questions:

  • Is poetry and hip-hop really one in the same?
  • Have MC’s forgotten their roots?
  • Is poetry a lost art to today’s musicians?

Queen Sheba and Mick Sick are the hosts of this ongoing series of events to put these questions to rest.In Round I of Poetry vs Hip Hop, Team Hip Hop won the day and took home the crown.  These events are hosted at Apache Cafe in downtown Atlanta.

The rain held up as the crowd gathered prior to the doors opening and by the end of the night the artists were performing to a packed house.  The open mic format was also open to musical performers, these performers entertained the crowd before the battle and after.

Social media was ablaze prior to the event with Queen Sheba and Mick Sick tossing verbal jabs and recruiting for Team Poetry and Team Hip Hop.  The open sign up sheet quickly filled to determine who would be representing for each team.

Poetry vs Hip Hop Queen Sheba’s Team

  1. Adon B
  2. Red Storm
  4. Nell D
  5. Naz Payne
  6. Rica
  7. Imon
  8. Ron Grade A
  9. Alexis J

Poetry vs Hip Hop Mick Sick’s Team

  1. Naj Murf
  2. Shaheed 404
  3. Jamal
  4. Surreal
  5. Urban America
  6. Ross Edwards
  7. Kyle Young
  8. Zay
  9. Philosophical

Follow the link to see, the pairings and the final results. [Part II]