Birthday Celebration for Antonius Maximus Rex – Part II

Celebrating my birthday with great food, live music and friends was a reminder of how fortunate I am.  These birthday memories will certainly be ones that stay with me for the rest of my life.  One of the many gifts that I received for the night was to finally get to hear Fernanda Noronha live.

Fernanada Noronha is the winner of the Best Female Singer Award from the Brazilian International Press.  She and her band shared with us many songs from her repertoire of Brazilian classics, bassa nova and international hits.  Her strong vocals and the Latin rhythms of the band kept the crowd on their feet and served as the perfect back drop as we were led in salsa dancing lessons.  After the show I learned that Fernanda is working on a new album that will include a mix of American and Brazillian popular music.

Special thanks to Daniel Pattillo of Daniel Pattillo Photography for his help capturing moments from the Birthday Celebration.

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Fernanda Noronha on SoundCloud