Living Room Music Series with Gritz & Jelly Butter

The Living Room Music Series at the W Hotel started off 2016 with Gritz &Jelly Butter.  This ongoing series of music events will bring music artists to the downtown Atlanta W Hotel’s Living Room.  With the velvet rope in full effect, only those on the RSVP list were able to make their way into to the Living Room to enjoy Gritz & Jelly Butter.  As I entered the Living Room I was awe struck by the 22 foot water feature that was trickling into a lighted onyx reflecting pool.  This intimate setting had each of it’s cozy sections filled with music fans lining the walnut carved walls and lounging on the sofas and chairs.

DJ Elio Stereo at the Living Room Music Series

DJ Elio Stereo provided the music as we we awaited the start of the show.  The smooth mellow sounds that DJ Elio Stereo provided were the perfect addition to the sultry mood of the Living Room.  With the volume at just the right level to let the music serve as an undercurrent the crowd was able to mix, mingle and enjoy their conversations.

I settled in by the bar and I was glad that I arrived early to secure a strategic spot to people watch and see the stage.  This was definitely a night for people watching with some of Atlanta’s best men and women out for a night of music.  The Living Room was filled with the “25 and up” crowd of urban professionals sipping on the W Hotel’s signature cocktails.  Though many of the drinks piqued my interest, tonight was a night for a Hendrick’s and tonic. [If you aren’t use to high end hotel drink prices be prepared for sticker shock.]  With the mood set by the location and the music, I saw many new “friendships” being forged by the men and women around the bar.

Gritz and Jelly Butter at the Living Room Music Series

Gritz & Jelly Butter have been on my list of bands to see for over a year.  The name alone brings visions of some down home tantalizing music.  The band is made up of Jameel Winston on keyboard and vocals, LaMar Khalid Rahmaad on drums, and Ruben Royster on bass.  This cover band provided a heaping serving of music with Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Reggae mixed in.  One of the things that I enjoyed about their arrangements was their DJ like style of blending multiple hip-hop and R&B songs together to create a dance set.   I can envision Gritz & Jelly Butter as the perfect addition to a dance party to keep the crowd on their feet all night long.

If you didn’t make it out for this show, the Libro Musica team hopes to see you next time for The Living Room Music Series and for a future show with Gritz & Jelly Butter.