New Music Friday – Patrick Pate II “Ripped-Fit for Jesus”

You can find great additions for your Music Library in the most amazing ways and the music for this New Music Friday installment came my way while I was on a mission to get some food.   I met Patrick Pate II, here in Charlotte, casually: he sold me a pizza. Noticing his hands, I asked him if he played guitar. “No,” he replied with a grin, “keyboard.” He humbly encouraged me to check out his album, Ripped-Fit for Jesus (released in May 2015 by Tunnel Vision Productions), and I’m glad I to the time for a music review.

Ripped-Fit for Jesus started with a beat reminiscent of a funkier time and synthetic fibers, then the vocals came in, thrusting Keep Pressing On into the present like a PR clean and jerk performed perfectly. This song urges you to keep going, positive from the outset, with powerful vocals that send the song’s message home in a quick five minutes. So n Luv, which features supporting vocals from Lady C and Fantastic Fant, has production quality. Fant’s rhymes are rounded out nicely with Patrick’s vocals and Lady C’s supporting vocals. Patrick cedes control with “You’ve got my mind / You’ve got my soul / You’ve got my heart / Please take control”, pledging his love and eternal allegiance to a higher power. This song grabs you by the shoulders and shakes you to consciousness, just in time for you to hear the vocals of Madukes open Taking Me Higher, which seamlessly melts into a ballad about the support Patrick has gotten from God to achieve more and more every day. With a voice like peanut butter on freshly baked bread, Patrick inspires and gives the listener confidence to follow their dreams. Following Taking Me Higher is a song of pure momentum. Just as I was beginning to envision myself listening to this in the gym, thinking, “I could do squats to this,” the chorus told me the song’s name: Work it Out! Backed by a banging bass, this song is pure motivation, punctuated by lines to ponder while resting between sets (e.g. “he knows my heart’s desires”… to break that training plateau, perhaps?).

A slower, sexier, sumptuously composed song follows, Work It out (Interlude). This is a true showcase of Patrick’s vocal talents, and segues nicely to Won’t Go Nowhere, where bass combines with Patrick’s vocals in a song that moves along with the endorphin high of the final mile of a 10k. I really do believe Patrick when he swears he’ll stick around – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Heaven’s Symphony, a song of change and redemption, is so personal, in the opening I feel as though I am listening in on something that I’m not supposed to hear. Patrick gives us a glimpse into his personal life with lines like “You gave me a brand new song… yeah you changed your song for me and you set this captive free”. His vocals are powerful in their raw honesty, and convey the message that despite any mistakes or missteps one may take in life, it is never too late to strive for something bigger and better. Fantastic Fant makes another appearance in Jesus Died 4u! – an upbeat song, the most danceable on the album yet. Patrick shows off his skills on the white and black in Stored Up 4u!, a worship song that is much closer to what I think of when I hear the word “gospel” than anything else on this album. In fact, if Patrick hadn’t told me he was a gospel artist, it wouldn’t have occurred to me. His musical prowess transcends genres and labels as he slides into Awesome Love. The vocals in Awesome Love are skillfully delicious and smooth, just the sort of vocals that I could butcher so loudly in my car that any nearby cyclists would fall off their bikes. His voice pulls you into an embrace of arpeggios and glides that leave you begging for more. I hope to hear more from Patrick in the future. If Ripped-Fit for Jesus is his first album, I can’t wait to hear what comes next.

You can find Ripped-Fit for Jesus on iTunes and Amazon.  Go and add it to your Libro Musica!

Patrick Pate II “Ripped-Fit for Jesus” on Spotify


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