Review: Reverend Horton Heat – Record Store Day EP

Reverend Horton Heat - Record Store Day
Reverend Horton Heat – Record Store Day

The Reverend released an EP last year, on Record Store Day. It’s made up of two songs, and I gave it a listen this afternoon. “It’s A Rave-Up” encouraged me to dust off my boots. The melodic guitar tried its best to send me into a trance, but the playful vocals put my mind into focus and my feet on the ground to engage in my favorite activity “doing the twist and the bugaloo.” I was just getting into the second “o” of my bugaloo when the song crashed to an end. All sorrow from the between-track silence (there ought to be a word for that) was drowned with “Beer Write This Song,” a delightful josh about imbibing liquid courage for creative purposes. (Reminds me of how I managed to get an A in my college philosophy course.) The Dallas trio maintain musical coordination as well as ever on this track, with their hallmark of humor. Man, I hope they make a video for this track.

If you were one of the luck few to get a copy of this EP, count yourself fortunate. The EP was a limited edition release of only 1,700 solid red copies. Be sure to visit your favorite record store for the 2016 Record Store Day on April 16th, you never know what gems you may find for your Libro Musica on a Vinyl Tuesday.

Be sure to catch The Reverend Horton Heat with Unknown Hinson, Nashville Pussy, and Igor & Red Elvises tomorrow night at Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte!

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