SeepeopleS at Local 506

College towns are often known for a diverse selection of live music.   Chapel Hill, NC and the music scene around the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is no exception.   After enjoying some great Asian food at the Red Lotus, I was able to catch the anti-genre band SeepeopleS as part of their Dead Souls Sessions Tour.  The band, originally from the nearby town of Ashville, NC, brought their punk, rock and psychedelic sounds to the Local 506.  The band, now based out of Portland, ME, is celebrating their 15th year anniversary, and the release of their fifth studio album, a double album (Dead Souls Sessions – RascalZRecordZ). SeepeopleS, is led by founding member and chief songwriter/producer Will Bradford, are a sextet consisting of Bradford, Brooke Binion, Ian Reilly, Frank Hopkins , Dan Capaldi, and their newest member Doug Porter.

Not only are these guys great musicians, they love their fans.  I had a chance to sit down with the band after the show to hear about their music and their time on tour.  Will was kind enough to hand over a copy of the Dead Souls Sessions Tour and rally the band to turn this into an autographed copy.  Come back soon for a write up on the album and my interview with the band.

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