Sy Ari Da Kid – Road to Heartbreak

The video opens with shots of Sy Ari in black and white contrast on a couch, explaining the thought process behind his new project, “B4 The Heartbreak,” which drops [ironically or coincidentally?] on February 13th. These stunningly simple shots, interspersed with color footage from production, give way to the video itself.

In “Before the Heartbreak,” you can hear the hurt in Sy’s voice. In the video, the love interest – played by the talented B. Simone, is arranging her booth at a salon while Sy sings of impending heartbreak as he drives around Atlanta. The shifts between the two scenes allude to a widening chasm between the couple – she’s arranging her environment to suit her needs while he is moving forward, moving on, putting distance between them. He knows the end of the relationship is near, while she appears to be finding some degree of comfort in the stagnating partnership. Sy’s heartfelt voice rounds out the chorus with “You know you gon’ love me always (always) / Just walk away / Before, before, before (before I reach the stars) / Before, before, before (before I break your heart)” with the control of a man who has been through the wringer and has come out fresher and cleaner and lint (or in this case, baggage)-free, knowing what he needs, wants, and how the chips must fall within the astral plane for him to be at splendid peace – at last – with this woman.


This is, after all, Sy Ari Da Kid, an artist known for his work ethic and his ability to produce. The rhymes are fresh and original but tinged with the melancholy of a delicious dish that was actually your second choice because they were out of the pork belly. Sy’s feelings of discontent and discomfort with what is sure to be a difficult conversation are audible in the track, which is laid out over a melodic background that flows like the Atlantic on a cool night. I could listen to this song over and over, and I probably will, because I am a fan of weltschmerz and good music. Sy says, “walk away,” but with a voice and beats as irresistible as his, I don’t think I even have the willpower to stand up.

Sy Ari Da Kid – Road to Heartbreak on Youtube

Watch the video and let us know if you plan to add “B4 The Heartbreak” to your Libro Musica.


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