Urban Legend Birthday Celebration with Whisky Mistress

Tucked away on a side street in the heart of Buckhead, the bright blue Whisky Mistress sign caught my attention on the way to a friend’s birthday dinner at McKinnon’s. Before the night started we were asking ourselves, where to find music in Buckhead.  After a quick look on Google we saw that there was live music and was described as “a world where retro elegance and classic style reigns.” All other options for after dinner entertainment faded away as we decided to check this place out.

After a short walk from dinner we made our way through the valet parking lot. The doorman, dressed in a well cut black suit, shirt and red tie, welcomed us to the Whisky Mistress. After a check of ID’s we made our way in to say hello to the Whisky Mistress. The Whisky Mistress offered a pleasant welcome which caused us all to smile and nod to each other.

When I saw live music advertised, I imagined that would be someone on acoustic guitar tucked away in a corner. This was not the case for the Whisky Mistress on this night, the band was on break when we arrived but on stage I saw a drum kit, lead guitar, bass guitar and a keyboard setup. With the stage as the focal point of the main room and a space cleared out in front for dancing, I realigned my thoughts on what to expect from the live music.   The Urban Legend band filled in the stage after a short break. Despite missing their lead singer for the night, Georgia Music Hall of Fame inductees Ric Seymour and Bobby Mobley filled in the vocals without missing a beat.  As the house band, Urban Legend plays here on Friday and Saturday nights. The band covered a wide mix of music with hits that kept the crowd dancing to pop, disco, rock, soul and funk hits.  Ric Seymour, on lead guitar, stayed actively engaged with the crowd and even took requests from the crowd for songs to play.  Ric even led the crowd in a rocking rendition of a birthday song to help make the birthday celebration complete for the night.

One of the many things that will bring me back to the embrace of the Whisky Mistress was the at home, cocktail party feel of the environment. With a great use of sofas, highboys and coctail tables in the rooms off the main area you get the vibe that you are a friend’s house enjoying good drinks, great company and great conversation that isn’t drowned out by the music. Upstairs in The Pavilion one can get a birds eye view of the main stage below or if you want to get away from the music there is the downstairs Ambry room. Downstairs from the main area, past a life sized statue of Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart in Casalanca), The Ambry Room is a speakeasy-style lounge with an open-air kitchen. With a bar on each level the Whisky Mistress ensures that it’s patrons have no lack of libations.

The Buckhead night life scene has undertaken a massive change since the 80’s and 90’s. Office buildings and resturants have replaced the many bars and night clubs from those years. The Whisky Mistress, may be just the right “lady” to make Buckhead once again know for a vibrant night life. This time with elegant and classic entertainment to cater to that same crowd from the 80’s and 90s.   I look forward to coming back to hear the band with Tiffany Graves-Davis on the mic and sharing a cocktail with some of Atlanta’s finest gentlemen and ladies.  If you are wondering where to find live music or dancing in Atlanta, you should pay a visit to the Whisky Mistress.