Veronica V at The Pinhook – Part II

As part of my hunt for live music in Raleigh, last night I got to hear SeepeopleS at Local 506. Tonight’s music selection included Veronica V and ElecTrick LadyLand at The Pinhook.  The Pinhook was a great venue to enjoy some live music.  As I made my way in out of the cold, there were a few ladies enjoying a lively conversation on the sofas and chairs next to the bar.  Not many small venues have lounge areas that allow music fans to relax, talk, enjoy a drink and recover between sets.  Between the stage and the lounge area was an amply stocked bar and the sound booth.  The elevated stage gave all the ladies dancing in the crowd a great view of the band.

Tonight’s show by Veronica V and The ElecTrick LadyLand band is part of the Save the Pinhook show series, Damn the man – SAVE THE PINHOOK!

Veronica V at The Pinhook Photos

Veronica V at The Pinhook Set List

Veronica V rocked the crowd with all original music.

  • Patio
  • Arrogant Soul
  • Escondido
  • Mistake
  • Too Late
  • Rising
  • Need Some
  • Love is All Around
  • Fade Away

Veronica V Interview

What was the first album that you added to your music library?

[Sam] Kiss Alive – I think.  All my friends got into Kiss at about the same time.  Ironically, we abandoned them at about the same time as well.  Right after Dynasty.

[David Comer]Kiss Destroyer. Of course, I was 7 or 8 years old, but I will answer the question truthfully. This spectacle was what brought me to the table.

[Eric] Billy Joel – Glass Houses

[Joe] Ozzy – Diary of a Madman

[David Ledrowski] News of the World by Queen

What was your most recent addition to your music library?

[Sam] Hand, Cannot Erase by Stephen Wilson.  Concept album, based on a true story about a woman that died and nobody noticed for three years.  Exquisite production and writing.  The most moving album I have ever heard.

[David Comer] Courtney Barnett. Great riffs, melodies, and she is as witty and funny as they come. She’s got it all. As a songwriter, I could learn from her. It humbling that she was born the year I graduated from high school.

[Eric] White Stripes – Icky Thump

[Joe] Temperence League (self titled)

[David Ledrowski] Blackstar by David Bowie

What was your first live music experience?  Which venue and which artist(s)?

[Sam] 1981 Rochester, NY – Cheap Trick / UFO / The Good Rats.  I was 15. My friend Randy and I were right up front and were blown away… We couldn’t hear for, like days.  Total rock and roll!

[David Comer] Again, I will answer truthfully: Kiss…on the Animalize Tour…with Krokus in January, 1985. It was louder than I expected it would be. And I loved it! I was 15. My second concert was Rick Springfield with Til Tuesday.

[Eric] Aerosmith at the Poughkeepsie Mid-Hudson Civic Center

[Joe] Foreigner at Charlotte Coliseum 1984

[David Ledrowski] The Grand Slam Jam, Milwaukee County Stadium, Ted Nugent, Cheap Trick, Heart and Journey.

If you could cover one album in your music library which would it be?

[Sam]Moving Pictures by Rush.  Arguably, their best album.  My theory is if you could play any of the songs on it, even half way proficiently you would be ahead of the curve.  Alas… I am far behind the curve.

[David Comer] Sticky Fingers by the Rolling Stones. It’s everything you could want in a rock and roll album, swagger, controversy, danger, heartbreak…songwriting at its very best. Maybe the best rock and roll album ever.

[Eric] Soundgarden – Superunknown

[Joe] Rush – Exit Stage Left

[David Ledrowski] INXS Listen like Thieves

What artist do you wish more people had in their music library?

[Sam] Porcupine Tree…. The best contemporary progressive rock band of the 21st century.  Production, timing, execution and song craft… top notch.

[David Comer] Veronica V! Of course!

[Eric] The Hellecasters

[Joe] Veronica V mp3’s, naturally!

[David Ledrowski] The Winery Dogs

Could you share your thoughts on how the loss of The Pinhook would impact the music scene in Raleigh?
[Sam]Raleigh and Durham have a thriving live music scene… that being said, we need more venues that cater to original and off the beaten path genres. The Pinhook would, and seems to fill that need.  To lose it, would be a shame.

[David Comer] The Pinhook has not only fostered new music from bands and supported their growth, it’s also been a good citizen to the community by hosting numerous fundraisers as a cost-free venue. The music scene in Durham is better because of The Pinhook.

[Eric] For the local music scene in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area to survive and thrive, we need independent and unique venues like The Pinhook to flourish.  There continues to be a relatively apathetic attitude towards local, original music in this area.  While there are a number of excellent, smaller, local venues such as The Pinhook, Deep South, The Maywood, and The Pour House that truly support original music, the general audience remains more interested in local “tribute” bands; clones of national acts that look and sound like your favorite band or genre.  People flock to these shows in droves, while original artists draw little more than family and friends.  We’ve seen a growing partnership between local bands of all genres; a consortium of musicians who support each other by sharing gigs, fans, and promotions.  This has been sorely lacking in the area for the last 25 years, and is a great step towards a thriving music scene.  Losing a wonderful venue like The Pinhook would be a great loss to this community, further narrowing the options in the Raleigh-Durham area for bands like Veronica V, ElecTrick Ladyland, and the like.  The high quality of music in the Triangle area deserves to be heard and The Pinhook is one of the best places to see great music.  Save The Pinhook!!

[Joe] The Pinhook’s “Damn the Man” campaign is an effort to help the owner resolve tax issues that were only discovered after the other partners in the venue left, so shuttering the Pinhook is more an indicative of poor accounting and an inflexible tax agency than a lack of demand for a high quality venue for local music.  I see a three potential consequences of losing this business: 1) Artists will be forced to perform elsewhere, obviously; 2) Downtown Durham would lose a cultural destination, which could adversely impact nearby restaurants; 3) Entrepreneurs would likely be less keen on investing in the area, taking the closure as a sign that Durham isn’t ready for the “after 5PM” crowd.

[David Ledrowski] I would hate to see any live music venue close, I hope the Pinhook will keep it’s doors open.

Veronica V on Youtube

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