Reckless Band Rocks in Ackworth

I made the trek OTP (outside the perimeter) to hear Reckless Band performing some high energy modern rock and country at Center Street Tavern in Ackworth, Georgia.  When it comes to OTP destinations,Ackworth doesn’t typically hit my list of places to head out and hear live music.  Ackworth is definitely an Atlanta suburb that stretches the limits for most people to venture to for a night on the town.  It took a great friend’s birthday to get me to head up I-75 and make a stop at the Center Street Tavern.  I must say that the music, the crowd and the venue made for a night filled with great tunes, laughter, dancing and enough libations to make Dionysus proud.

The Center Street Tavern has a layout that supports having live music with a large area for the band to perform, space for dancing, high tops near the bar and plenty of seating for dining. There is also separate lounge and game room with sofas if you want to take a break from the music.  The outside patio was closed since winter decided to finally arrive but, I imagine that the patio is a great place to sit when the weather is nice.

There are two things that make a cover band a great cover band beyond their ability to play good music.  Unless they are targeting a specific band’s music, a cover band has to have a broad selection of songs to pull from.  The second item that distinguishes one band from the next is the band’s ability to keep the crowd engaged and wanting to stay until the last song is played.  The Reckless Band succeed on each of these points tonight.  With three sets on tap for the night, they pushed the limits and succeeded in keeping the dance floor packed, the crowd singing along and even had a few volunteers on the microphone.  Dennis Dupree on lead vocals, took advantage of his wireless mic’ to get out in the crowd, dance with the ladies and even photobomb a few selfies during the night.  With a mix of popular rock, country and pop tunes Reckless certainly kept the Center Street Tavern’s management pleased as they played well into the wee hours of the night.

When I arrived, Reckless Band was a few songs into their first set.

Reckless Band – Set One

  • Take it Easy
  • Slide
  • 3 AM
  • American Girl
  • The World I Know
  • Shimmer
  • Santeria
  • Alabama
  • Learn to Fly
  • Take a Little Ride
  • Counting Blue Cars
  • Good
  • Good One Comin’ On

Reckless Band Rocks in Ackworth

The Reckless Band members are: Dennis Dupree (Lead vocals), Jimmy Chaos (Bass), Kevin Dugan (Lead / Rhythm guitar), Rick Nelligan (Percussion / back up vocalls) and Jason Maltz (Lead / Rhythm guitar / back up vocals)

Reckless Band – Set Two

The second set was my favorite set for the night with a solid mix of rock, funk, pop and country.

  • Wrecking Ball
  • She’s Country
  • Desperately Wanting
  • Chicken Friend
  • Want You 2 Want Me
  • Summer of 69
  • Get Your Shine On
  • Pour Some Sugar
  • Play Funky Music
  • Superstition
  • Uptown Funk
  • Rocking Roll All Night
  • Talk Dirty
  • Friends in Low Places

Reckless Band Fans

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