Rumble in the South with Skinny D & the Hot Rod Truckers

Skinny D & the Hot Rod Truckers performed at the first annual Rumble in the South which happened this weekend at the Red Star Rock Bar in Tampa, FL from 4pm-2am on Valentine’s Day Eve. “The Rumble’s Annual Kustom Kulture Art Show” had a vintage car show, 4 Rockabilly Bands (with space for dancing), Burlesque Performances by Cherry von Topp, Pinup Photo-Ops, Booze & Food Trucks.   I was transported to the past with 50’s style dress, hot rods, and hairdo’s. The lineup of bands included:  The Double D Combo, The Hot Rod Hornets, Jeff Vitolo & the Quarter Mile Rebels, and Skinny D & the Hot Rod Truckers. The bands were fantastic, each one hitting the nail on the head when it comes to good ol’ classic rock and roll that had the heads bobbing and the feet moving.

The raucous trio of Skinny D & the Hot Rod Truckers exploded onto the stage under the red lights like a firecracker. Their brand of rockabilly echoed into the night with each song as they furiously jammed out. Bassist Mike Maresca kept all things melodic and rhythmically moving while belting out growling vocals that had me thinking, “what if Louis Armstrong was in rockabilly band?” Jon Bailey kept pace with the drumming and vocals at the same time. That’s some serious left brain, right brain combo action going on there. I am impressed anytime I see a percussionist singing. That leaves the guitarist Damian Bacci. Not only is he the guitarist for this group, but he pulled double duty while playing earlier in his other band The Double D Combo. The man on guitar is an artist; Damian uses guitar picks and fingers like Monet or Degas would use paintbrushes on canvas. Nothing makes this more evident as I watched him take on Dick Dale’s “Misirlou”. My fingers and forearms ached as he frantically and ferociously filleted those frenzied notes. During their performance, Damian stepped off the stage and played within the crowd. That is such an awesome sight, to see the musician give that type of ultimate “fan experience”.

Rumble in the South with Skinny D & the Hot Rod Truckers

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