Sweet Sultry Sounds of Meshell Ndegeocello on Valentines Day

The much awaited return of Meshell Ndegeocello to Atlanta ended with her on stage at Terminal West this Valentines Day.  I was happy to share an extra pair of tickets with a lucky Libro Musica fan.  Erika T was the happy winner of our Meshell Ndegeocello ticket give away.

With her bass strapped over her shoulder Meshell Ndegeocello walked onto stage at Terminal West and was greeted by the cheers of the crowd.  Without an opening band we got straight to what everyone was there to hear.
Terminal West

Meshell Ndegeocello opened up the set with three songs from her Bitter album.  The opening cords of “Loyalty”, “Beautiful” and “Wasted Time” were each greeted with cheers of joy, moans of pleasure and applause.  Bitter is one of my favorite Meshell Ndegeocello albums.  These songs are filled with so much of what makes Meshell Ndegeocello such an amazing artist. On Bitter She weaves such lovely ballads that expose the vulnerability that anyone deeply in love experiences. Every broken heart that moves into a new relationship has felt the words from “Loyalty”… “Come be with me, Soothe my broken heart, Show me loyalty…”  The song “Beautiful” has so few lyrics but it perfectly captures that sweet after glow when one has connected physically and emotionally with a lover “So beautiful, Please don’t move, It feel so good to me…”  This undeniably scorching hot song was followed by the dark mood and feelings of angst brought on by “Wasted Time.”    As she finished with “Brokenhearted I dream for you to notice me…”  she chuckled, broke into a big smile and said “wow, that was a rough period in my life.”

She then moved into Pour Une Ame Souveraine – A Dedication to Nina Simone with “Real, Real” and “Suzanne”.  Meshell Ndegeocello explained to the crowd that she doesn’t show up with a set list.  She plays whichever songs fit her mood for the night, this way every show is a unique one.  Since it was Valentines day she would keep playing relationship songs.

The mood brought her to another broken heart track from Bitter, “Fool of Me.”  The opening line of “Fool of Me” is tear worthy “I remember when you filled my heart with joy, Was I blind to the truth just there to fill the space.”  Even though this is a heart break song, Meshell Ndegeocello makes is feel sensual and tender.

She then took us back to her debut album Plantation Lullabies with “Outside Your Door.”  This a song of love’s hopeful promise.

Meshell Ndegeocello at Terminal West

At the end of the concert when the lights were turned up, Meshell asked that someone take a picture of the crowd so that she can provide some proof that she had enough fans in Atlanta to fill the house.