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Focus While Studying or at Work with Music

If you are like me, you listen to music when you read, are studying or working.  During these times I’m not listening for entertainment purposes, but instead I’m trying to mask distractions so I can focus on what I’m doing.  Unfortunately, I have discovered that the wrong music played at these times actually hinders my concentration.  I recently came across a solution that allows me to enjoy music and focus better.  [email protected] is an online platform with scientifically curated sequences of instrumental music to reduce distractions when working, studying and reading.

[email protected] is available on iPhone, Android and the web.  The [email protected] interface is beautiful and easy to use.  You have 12 channels to select music from and another 10+ beta test and lab channels.   The music on each channel can be modified, with the Music Energy Level slider, from low to medium to high.  You can always see which song is playing and the artist on the bottom of the screen.

[email protected] Dashboard

Developed in partnership with leading neuroscientists Dr. Evian Gordon and Dr. Stephen Sideroff (UCLA Professor of Psychology). Trials show typical 12-15% positive increase in focus biomarker and up to 400% extended session time.

After each listening session, you are asked to rate your productivity on a scale from 0-100 percent in 25 percent chunks.  I haven’t found much use for the productivity rating feature but, I do find myself making use of the timer so I know when to pull myself out of my work.

Will Henshall’s TED Talk

Will Henshall is the CEO and Founder of [email protected]  After two and a half years of research and development, which included the help of two neuroscientists at UCLA, 200 alpha testers, and 20,000 beta testers, Henshall created [email protected]    “People are already using music as a productivity tool as it is, to help them focus at work,” Will Henshall says. “It shows there’s a market out there, and [email protected] is focused on solving that problem.”  Listen in to Will Henshall’s TED Talk on “Why you’re listening to the wrong music at work.”

I have found that the [email protected] musical selections engages the subconscious mind just enough to foster concentration while simultaneously letting the conscious mind focus on the tasks at hand.  I believe that this is a great tool for students, anyone that works in an open office environment or even someone that works from home like me.  There are so many distractions these days, it’s great to find something online that is actually designed to help me focus.

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Go add productivity enhancing music to your Libro Musica with the [email protected] free 15 day trial.  Once the trial period is over there are a few pricing options:

  • Month to Month plan is $11.83 per month
  • Yearly Plan is $8.33 per month ($99.95 billed annually)
  • Two Year Plan $6.25 per month ($149.95 billed every 2 years)
  • VIP Lifetime access for $299.95.