J Proppa – Tombao, High Rule, To The Moon – Review

Atlanta-based producer J Proppa will melt your ears on Day Three of Shaky Beats. I got my mitts on a few of his releases and it will be a long time before I let go.

With “Tombao,” J Proppa dabbles in the dark arts, then lightens things up with a dubstep sizzle. Listening to this song through phones in a public place, everything else around me seems to be in on it. The movements of the people around me jive with the melody, the ceiling fans twirl in synchronicity with the steady background, even the ripples on the top of my latte dance with the song. And then, just when I realize where that familiar Spanish language rap is coming from, the immortal voice of Celia Cruz, like the sabrosa savior she will always be, breaks the spell, “Esa negrita, tiene tumbao, todos la siguen por su caminao –ao –ao –ao –ao”. Since high school, I have been a fan of working while listening to electronica musica. I believe it gets my brain producing the waves I need to be most productive. J Proppa’s beats paired with the determination of the lyrics of the classic salsa song (“La Negra Tiene Tumbao”) give me exactly what I need to get through the rest of the day.

J Proppa “Tambao” on Youtube

J Proppa partnered with Adverse to produce “High Rule,” a song for those times when the snozberries taste like snozberries and you can feel your fingernails growing and maybe they’re growing into claws like those on a ferocious cat and why is that lady staring at you like that it seems like she’s been staring for half an hour but maybe it’s only been a couple seconds but it’s okay because you’re with friends and everyone on the planet is one and dancing feels so good. Those moments. The song begins in medias res and goes deeper, before coming up for air and leading you to the promised land. Or maybe you’re already there.

J Proppa and Adverse “High Rule” on Youtube

Beginning sparsely, “To The Moon” picks up speed to arrive at a stellar sprint. When the beat drops, it defies gravity. So many times I’ll hear an EDM track and try to wrap my head around the title. This one makes sense. It fits like blueberry trainwreck fits. The dubsteppy melody makes an appearance and I suddenly find myself googling theremins. (One of these days I’ll take the plunge and put one in my living room.) The song floats through its terminus and I crash back down to earth, unharmed by the fall and exhilarated by the journey.

J Proppa “To The Moon” on YouTube

Show some love for J Proppa at Shaky Beats. He’ll be on home turf but his show will take you to greater heights.  Be sure to catch Big Gigantic as they close out the Shaky Beats Music Fest later Sunday night.

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