Women of Rock Unplugged with Jamera Live

The Women of Rock Unplugged was an acoustic style open mic night at the Bottom of the Cup indoor Golf Bar & Grill.  The open mic had a core line up of the ladies from Women of Rock:  Vanessa of BAST, Izzy Joy, Kali J Kat and Jamera of Pussyfoot.  With a fashionably late arrival, I was only able to hear Jamera on stage for the night.

Jamera’s Set List

To say that Jamera’s presence on stage in enthralling would be an understatement. Like a siren’s song, Jamera’s music kept the crowd firmly fixed around the stage as they rocked out and jammed to her music.  Unlike the mythical Greeky beauties, the only danger from Jamera’s captivating smile and impressive mix of original songs would be a strong desire to hear more.  She shared five of her original songs at tonight’s show.

  • Religion
  • Super Girl
  • Avatar
  • Morning
  • Apocalypse

These songs were written by Jamera with Julio Miranda Monty Conner and Chad Thomas Black providing the arrangements.

Jamera continued to captivate the crowd after he set was over as she mixed mingled and knew every fan by name.   There was a wonderful feeling of family and community as I witnessed her talked to fans about their ex-wives, the kids at home as well as making certain that they were going to be back out soon to support live music.

Look for more from Jamera the singer, song writer and producer here on Libro Musica.