Rhythm and Muse at Cirque Daiquiri Bar & Grill

The Rhythm and Muse event featuring Gritz & Jelly Butter was hosted at Cirque Daiquiri Bar & Grill.    The Cirque Daiquiri Bar & Grill has been open for a little more than a year in the iconic, round, building off Monroe Drive near I-85.  This location has been home to a number of concepts including Eros Tapas Bar, IXTLAN Ultra Lounge, and Piebar.  During those multiple incarnations I have always wanted to come inside the building to see what was done with the space.   The building was constructed in 1962 as a Trust Company of Georgia branch.  With over $500,000 in renovations into the building one would never know that it use to be a bank.  There is a bar, with 15 daiquiri machines, fills one wall of the open space with plenty of tables to hold the crowd for the night.  My first reaction when I came in and saw the red lights on the stage, beautiful glass chandelier which looks like a piece of coral and  the blue lighting along the walls was that I was entering an underwater scene.

Cirque Daiquiri Bar & Grill
Under the Sea?

I was surprised at the number of people that were in their seats with food and drinks on their table ready to hear the show at 8PM.  Many promoters complain that it’s tough to pack a place on weeknight.  Tonight the team of Strictly Grown Folks Atlanta, Bankz Promotionz and Slycom Entertainment did what good promoters do and packed the 4,200 square foot location with  soul, R&B, neo soul, spoken word and comedy fans.  There were a few tables full of people celebrating birthdays and the femcee, Felicitee Love, made sure the each of them felt special about their special day.

The musical entertainment for the night opened with Gritz & Jelly Butter giving the crowd a tour of soul, R&B, funk and hip hop covers.  I heard Gritz & Jelly Butter for the first time a few months ago at The Living Room Music Series at the W Hotel.  After seeing this band two times I’m convinced that every one of their shows is a great one.

The night was rounded out with open mic spoken word and musical performances.   Special thanks to Strictly Grown Folks Atlanta, Bankz Promotionz and Slycom Entertainment for having the Libro Musica team at this event.  If you want that feeling that Felicitee Love talked about in one of the verses in her spoken word piece Epiphany “… I don’t want to come down so I keep taking another hit…”  be sure to check out there upcoming events.  You better come early though, since it’s sure to be another crowd pleasing event.