Sy Ari Da Kid – FTF

The haunting background vocals from Sy Ari Da Kid’s February release “Road to Heartbreak,” of his B4 the Heartbreak album, have so much staying power that it seems improbable that the talented artist could release anything that could invade my brain with the same power. But he has done it again.


On Monday, Sy and the team at Sweinbeck released a video for “FTF,” track four on B4 the Heartbreak. The video opens with Sy’s love interest, again played by the talented b.Simone, alone in the couple’s shared apartment. The bedside clock shows 3:04, and it is clearly not afternoon. Sy enters, the couple has an argument, and she walks away angrily as Sy collapses on the sofa. The fight turns physical as the couple, both donning boxing gloves, spars in the ring. b.Simone stares daggers at Sy, landing several well-placed blows, blocking and attacking with precision. As Sy repeats, “I’ll make you beg for mercy girl” and it appears that b.Simone is landing jab after jab, Sy wraps both arms around her, arresting her progress in the fight until the referee can separate the two. While b.Simone never smiles in any part of the video, Sy grins ear to ear as she finally knocks him out. Sy makes getting a mild traumatic brain injury look fun. Perhaps he is smiling because he knows what will happen when he regains consciousness on the couch: an invitation to return to the bedroom.

In the song Sy gives us another glimpse into his fractured relationship, this glimpse detailing the world of extremes the couple inhabits, where the pendulum swings from arguments to the bedroom, back and forth, seemingly without end (because, as we learned from Sy in “Road to Heartbreak,” the end of the relationship looms inevitable and unpleasant, like a dentist appointment, or a rush hour traffic jam). Sy clearly appreciates his lady for her beauty, singing “you fine girl, you fine girl… you don’t need no makeup,” but appears in this chapter of his story to be oblivious to the emotional needs of the woman he is in love with. This results in a cycle wherein he disappoints her, she expresses that disappointment in the form of anger when they fight, then they make love. But examining the relationship deeper, are they really “making” love? Probably not, which explains the second F in the title “FTF.”

The video, directed by Dontell Antonio with production by TEAUXNY and illa Jones, is another installment in a series that Sy Ari Da Kid has put his heart and soul and more into, and like a good book that makes you disregard bedtime, I have that niggle of urgent anxiety to find out what happens next.

Sy Ari Da Kid – FTF on YouTube

You can listen to Sy Ari Da Kid’s earlier release Road to Heartbreak here.

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