Review: Night Marcher’s debut album Modern Maze

There’s nothing I love more than a good story and Rob Reinfurt is a walking, talking Hollywood script waiting to happen should Night Marcher‘s debut album Modern Maze succeed. Reinfurt is a busy man as he leads a second band called The Weekenders, who are getting some exposure in their own right having played this year’s Sundance Festival.  Anything is possible, in music these days, when it comes to success and recognition. Night Marcher has what it takes to reach the masses. Their sound is all encompassing crossing multiple genres and is precisely what music needs today. With a well crafted mix of blues, psychedelic rock and roll  this band may just have the proverbial lightning in a bottle

NightMarcher-02I’ve listened to Modern Maze in its entirety probably close to 10 times and I enjoy it more and more each time I listen. Rob Reinfurt understands the blues and keeps the spirit of rock & roll in tact with his soulfully somber expressions in every track of this debut album. It’s difficult to package up Modern Maze and tie it down to one particular genre because it truly does cover so many. Reinfurt, in an interview for last month, said that his music is “an orphan of a rock ‘n’ roll family, some kind of psychedelic mutt.” I couldn’t have said it any better. The vocals are Jack White meets Hozier meets the late Andrew Wood (of Mother Love Bone) with a dash of Chris Robinson (Black Crowes) all surrounded with a warm blanket of ambiance and white noise that would make Trent Reznor happy. Reinfurt’s voice makes you feel where he’s been in his life even before you know anything about him and demands your emotions to engage him as you listen. He draws it out of the listener regardless of their will. While most of this album is relatively subdued by way of screaming rock & roll guitars, there’s no denying this is very much a part of who this band is. The percussions are fantastic and not to be understated as it pertains to the identity of Night Marcher. The keys are precisely placed, seem to come out of nowhere at times and are also an integral part of expression through this album as a whole. 

Night Marcher Modern Maze

Modern Maze begins in an illusion with a track called “Saint”, which is an upbeat song with a fresh tempo that makes the listener want to move their bones. That feeling comes to a screeching halt (for the most part) from the first chord plucked of “Broken Path” to the final echoing sound of “Kro”. Each track on this album forced me to look deep within myself and deal with things that I don’t necessarily want to deal with. Reinfurt, whatever his personal struggles are, indicts the listeners soul with his own pervasive tones of a life that only he knows. That’s what good music does. It makes the listener feel. It makes the listener think and consider and dream and love and hate. “Night Marcher” does this track after track after track. It’s unavoidable. Some other notable tracks would be “Broken Path”, “Holy Ghost”, “Scars”, “Chin Up” and “Kro” which conjure up a spirit of reflection, hardship and maybe some regret. There’s an undercurrent of darkness in all of these tracks. It brings up imagery of a long, dark road with a man wandering from town to town just trying to find his way and figure out his next move. It may have nothing to do with Reinfurt’s intentions but as Reinfurt states from the same aforementioned interview, “every song has it’s own message, but my intentions are not to push.” That is the mark of a true artist. He lets his creation speak for itself, to whomever it wishes to speak and in whatever ways it pleases. 

Night Marchers “Scars” on Youtube

Rob Reinfurt is a man on a mission and he knows the blues.  This is the part that has the making of a Hollywood comebask story:  In 2009 the lead singer of The Weekenders, Rob Reinfurt, was tangled up in a massive drug smuggling operation. The details include being pulled over in Illinois with his cohorts while carrying 400 lbs of marijuana and nearly 2.5 million dollars in cash. When the dust settled and the facts were clear, Reinfurt got off with time served and is currently on probation. The most severe penalties were handed out to Eric Canori, the owner/operator/chief smuggler who is currently serving 30 months for federal marijuana trafficking conspiracy. Reinfurt dodged a bullet but was still left to deal with some serious stains on his record of life. This brief backstory is important information as the stress, regret, hardship and triumph of it all is overtly present in every track of Modern Maze.  

Rob Reinfurt swims in the currents of rock & roll and truly understands what creativity and expression are all about at their core. I would love to see him and his accomplices (pun intended) perform before a live audience. Get plugged into what Night Marcher and The Weekender have on the horizon. 

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