Shaky Knees Rocks Atlanta: Florence and the Machine, Houndmouth and More…

The third day of the fourth annual Shaky Knees Music Festival closed out with another great line up of performers.  Like every day of the festival, fans at Centennial Olympic Park were treated to five stages of music throughout the day.  Standout performances for the day included: Houndmouth, Young the Giant and Florence + The Machine.

Shaky Knees Fans
Shaky Knees Fans

Houndmouth at Shaky Knees

I missed hearing Houndmouth when they performed at Shaky Knees in 2014.  I would have missed them again this year had I not followed my daughter’s lead and made my way to the Ponce de Leon Stage to hear them perform.  Decked in out custom suits and backed up by drums, horns and keyboard the lead vocalist Matt Myers (guitar) and Zak Appleby (bass) gave a performance to be remembered.  The powerful performances of Matt Myers and Zack Appleby moved one fan so much that she tossed her bra on to the stage. Visibly blushing, Zak proclaimed “THAT has never happened before!”

Young the Giant

Young the Giant fans were treated to a preview of  one of the songs from the bands upcoming album Home of the Strange when the band performed “Something to Believe In.” You can add this album to your music library later this summer when Home of the Strange is released in August.  Sameer Gadhia, lead singer of Young the Giant, performed in a badazzled jacket that matched his invigorating and animated performance.  Throughout the set he switched from keyboards, to tambourine to just jamming with microphone in hand.


Florence and the Machine at Shaky Knees

Florence Welch, the lead singer of Florence + The Machine ,  gave a breath taking performance to close on the fourth edition of the Shaky Knees music festival.  With the lead singer, decked out in a gossamer like yellow dress, Florence + The Machine started their set with “What the Water Gave Me.”  A huge stage like the Peachtree Stage at Shaky Knees could easily swallow up a performer but Florence Welch used every inch of the stage to twirl and ecstatic dance as she performed.  She even pulled all of this energy down into the crowd as she climbed down from the stage to run through the crowd.  Florence + The Machine played several songs from their latest album “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” but, also included “Ship to Wreck” and “Rabitt Heart (Rise Up)” among others from their list of great songs.

As part of her intro to the hit song “Shake it Out” she confessed that this song was written in response to a serious hang over. With that in mind she dedicate the song to everyone if the crowd that would be suffering from a hang over in the morning.