The Suitcase Junket at Tropical Heatwave in Tampa

The Suitcase Junket was one the acts at the Tampa Tropical Heatwave 2016, put on by 88.5 WMNF Community Radio.  In a dark room on the bottom floor of the Italian Club in Ybor City, the impact of the singer-songwriter spirit was felt when Matt Lorenz of The Suitcase Junket sat down and started singing into the sound hole of his junkyard reclaimed acoustic guitar. The setting was perfect for this “junk-folk” throat singer, a small room barely lit by an overhead light and a big window gave this performance an intimate feel.

He might as well have been singing in the living room of your house, that’s how close and personal of an experience you will get. Matt goes about his business as if he were the only one in the room, a true artist of his craft. And by artist I don’t just mean the music, his “one-man band” setup resembling what you might you find in an abandoned mid-western home; an old and tattered suitcase doubling as a bass drum, a bell-ringing circular saw blade, a pot, and an old white baby shoe attached to a foot pedal that was used to strike an old gas can lid. A piece fit for a modern art display. He filled the small room to the gills, there was barely any standing room left. His gift to the the fans for watching and listening so intently, was being able to get lost in his world…if only for a moment.

Add Suitcase Junket to your music library, if you dare!

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