The Bar Exam at Apache Cafe – June Edition

This month’s The Bar Exam  at the Apache Cafe featured 15 of the city’s hottest rap artists  competing for a top prize worth more than $1,400.  The winner from each of tonight’s three rounds was selected by the judges and continued on to a final round to be voted on by the crowd.  One wildcard contestant was selected by the crowd to go onto the final round.  The Bar Exam has one primary rule: you either “Pass the Bar” or “Pass the Mic!”  About a minute into each contestants performance the crowd and the judges determine if the contestant either passes the bar and continues performing or OR passes the mic to the next contestant.

The judges for this month’s installment were DRECT and Grey.  DRECT is the creator of the Grind Time Rap Battle league and Rap Grid the ESPN of the rap battle world.  Grey is a two time The Bar Exam champ and the event curator of Art Without Limitation (AWOL).  DRECT and Grey demonstrated their deep knowledge and passion for rap music as they kept it 100 with each artist on stage.  MicXSic, the creator and host of The Bar Exam, also provided feedback for the artists.  They highlighted what worked for each artist on stage and didn’t hold back when they saw room for improvement.  This feedback alone was definitely worth the time spent on stage by each artist.

In addition to the great feedback, one of the prizes for winning The Bar Exam is becoming the show case artist for the next month’s show. Last Month’s The Bar Exam winner, Aris Hursey, came back for a live performance of three of his tracks:  “Okay”, “October 31st” and “Unruly.”

What would a night of The Bar Exam without  Savage Fam’s MicXSic spitting a few bars?

To kick off each group of contestants on stage we got to hear a freestyle cypher from the group.  Each round of cyphers got the crowd pumped as DJ Knotts layed down a track and the artists spit bars.  It was good to see the artists show much love to each other at the end of each cypher just before they went toe to toe before the judges and the crowd.

The Bar Exam – Group A

  1. Amos Donnell
  2. Mondo Slade
  3. Saf MacMillian
  4. Sir Hop ATL

The Bar Exam – Group B

  1. Kidd Ambition
  2. Omeretta
  3. Nicx Alexander
  4. Chavis Flagg

The Bar Exam – Group C

  1. Aquil
  2. G.Selph
  3. Truancy
  4. Pearis J and Sir Stelo
  5. E-Step

The Bar Exam Finalists

The judge’s choices for the final round were:

  • Group A: Cleveland’s Mondo Slade for his performance of his track  “Over With” which was a straight throwback to to that classic 90’s hip hop sound.
  • Group B: Kidd Ambition and his high energy performance of a trap music track he wrote just two days ago set him apart from the other members of his group.
  • Group C: Truancy brought some east coast style rap to the stage to represent Philly.

The wild card for the night was Group B’s Chavis Flagg.  Chavis Flagg won the crowd over with his electric guitar and smooth R&B music.



The overall winner of the night was Kidd Ambition.  Kidd Ambition now joins Grey as a two time winner of The Bar Exam.  Kidd Ambition will get to headline next month’s The Bar Exam and two hours of studio time at Soul Asylum Studios.

Kidd Ambition at Soul Asylum Studios.
Kidd Ambition at Soul Asylum Studios.


Kidd Ambition on SoundCloud

If you are looking for some new music to add to your music library, Kidd Ambition is definitely someone to check out.

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