Social Commentary with Se’von on “America’s Lighter”

Se’von delivers a very passionate depiction of what it means to be a minority in American society with “America’s Lighter”.  This song was put together when Se’von was troubled by the shootings of Eric Gardner and Michael Brown.

“The world needs to see and hear what pain is like due, in part, by the negligence of the U.S. Government. My goal is to unite (even if for a moment) the world through music and conversation, information sharing an an overall understanding of the basic needs of all humanity; That is Love” – Se’von

Se’von lays his lyrics down over Bruno Mars’ “Lighters” and the video is a stream of touching images that will both touch you tenderly as well as stoke the fire of your rage.  With this track Se’von goes beyond posting a hashtag like #BlackLivesMatter or #ICantBreath.  Historically music has been front and center for any social or political movement within the US.  Ever since the first slaves stepped off the ships from Africa music music has been a means to express the troubles of Black Amercia.

Add this social commentary to your Libro Musica.

Se’Von “Americ’s Lighter” on Youtube