A3C’s Slam Trump Rap Battle at Aisle Five – Part II

The Slam Trump Rap Battle at Aisle 5 is one of the many events leading up to this year’s A3C Conference and Music Festival.  Check out the A3C calendar of events for more great hip hop events.

As the the finalists got ready to come back to slam Trump,  J-Live took to the stage.


Slam Trump Rap Battle Finalists

Hip hop legend D.R.E.S. Tha Beatnik provided  the beats for the finalists:  Zaid, KP and Itz 4 Ize.

The judges demanded a sudden death battle between Zaid and Itz 4 Ize before coming to their final decision.  After a bit of deliberation, Zaid was declared tonight’s winner.

Zaid on Sound Cloud


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