A3C’s Slam Trump Rap Battle at Aisle Five

MicXSic of Savage Fam Pro, A3C and Creative Loafing pulled together some of Atlanta’s finest rappers to battle it out on stage as they Slam Trump.    The promotional flyers and notices on social media said that tonight would be YUUUUUUG!! With DJ Knotts on the turn tables, MicXSic as mcee, nine dope rappers and a surprise performance by D.R.E.S. the Beatnik the night exceeded my expectations.    Tonight they truly fulfilled their goal of “Making America Hip Hop Again.”

Joining me behind the camera lens for tonight’s show was Libro Musica contributor Kari Leigh Marucchi of Found Art Photography.

The doors opened at 8PM and Aisle 5 quickly filled with music fans hoping to join in on the fun of slamming Trump all night long. DJ Knotts, the co-founder of Hip Hop Gives Back, went in hard from the start with a playlist that would have made the night worth admission just to hear him spin.

Ivanka Trump came out on stage to introduce her father Donald Trump.  As expected they weren’t greeted by cheers from the crowd.

Tonight’s contestants in the rap battle were split into three groups, with one winner selected from each group to advance to a final round.  The first three rappers to slam Trump were Zaid, Tetsho and Syd Viscious.

Next on stage were DRect, KP and Statsko

Our last pair of rappers were Itz 4 Ize and Malik Knox.


Aisle 5 was filled with people on this night.Everyone was is great spirits as they listened to the artists slam trump  Not one pro-Trump protester showed up but then again, I don’t think that many Trump supporters even kow where to find Little Five Points.

See more photos and learn who won tonight’s rap battle in Part II of our coverage of A3C’s Slam Trump Rap Battle at Aisle Five.