Interview With Styline and First Listen to “Suicide Squad”

“Suicide Squad” is Styline‘s first track to come out exclusively on his label, Maskade.  Styline plans to use Maskade as his platform to bring Power House to music fans around the world.

“Power House is my take on the over-saturated electronic music industry. It’s very driving house music, that sits right between the mainstream and the underground – perfect for the club, car or gym! I’m a little disappointed how many other artists are restricting themselves to one single sound lately.  The approach with Power House is to lay out a frame that allows all different Styles and Genres to influence it, and give every single track its very own character.” – Styline

From it’s origins in the early 80’s in Chicago, house music continues to evolve.  Take a listen as we get a glimpse into another positive step in the evolution of the genre with German produce Styline’s energetic and groovy yet heart pounding “Suicide Squad.”  Mixed in with the crowd pleasing newness, If you listen closely, you will hear many throw backs to classic 80’s melodies.

“Suicide Squad” on Soundcloud

Interview with Styline

For someone that has never heard you perform, what should they expect?
A perfect night-out, if I would have to guess! Great vibes – no Katy Perry and such – but a proper rave, if the venue allows it!  I do like to mix fast, surprise people, make them dance and sweat, and catch their attention with quality music, taking them on a little journey to bring back and hopefully create new memories.

Where does all of this amazing music come from? What’s your inspiration and motivation?
That’s a great question that unfortunately is really hard to answer, as I can’t express the feeling of creating something that simply satisfies me!  There’s so much great music, products of unbelievably creative minds which influence so many people on a daily basis, that I’m happy to find my path to tell my own story. Simply the fact that people choose to download and listen to my music is amazing – seeing them dance to it and sharing a good time is the top of the iceberg!

Where can fans hear you perform live?
Currently I’m based in Asia and playing quite few clubs and festivals all around! I still have a monthly residency in Shanghai, but we’re working on both a Europe and a North America tour!


What’s next for you and the Maskade label?
Personally I’m on a super tight release schedule at the moment, publishing new tracks every two weeks! We have some great songs lined up on big labels like Armada and Spinnin, but obviously just getting started with Maskade as well, which will be the main hub for the Power House sound.  We’re hoping to see more producers jump on board and push the boundaries in establishing a new genre that satisfies all crowds.

What was the first music that you added to your personal music library?
Ohh wow – that must have been when I was 13! My personal library includes variety of a lot of different styles actually!  Probably some of my old time favorites were Eminem, Jamiroquai, Good Charlotte and Justin Timberlake.

What was your most recent addition to your personal music library?
The new album by ZHU called Generationwhy! Such a talent and a true inspiration for me!

What was your first live music experience?  
Probably the first big festival I was attending – Rock am Ring, the biggest Rock festival in Germany!  I won 2 tickets in a Remix Competition and drove their together with one of my best friends – we were like 16.  They had a great line-up! From Metallica, over Linkin Park, all the way to Example!

If you could perform with artist in your music library which would it be?
Probably I’d have to say ZHU at the moment! This guy is a true genius and I’d love to work on a track together with him!

What artist do you wish more people had in their music library?
There’s an Australian artist called Golden Features, who I discovered a little over 2 years ago! He’s working on an album right now and his sound is simply mind-blowing!

The Libro Musica team is headed to Germany this fall.   What are your recommendations for places to hear music?
Now I’m a bit jealous – haven’t been there myself in over a year again! If you have the time – definitely go and check out the Techno Scene in Berlin, the Berghain is a good address! Other than that it really depends on every city – but in general the electronic music taste of Germans is very distinctive – with still super dedicated scenes even in genres like Hardstyle, Handsup, Techno, Goa and Psy-Trance. So I guess it comes down to what you guys are into!