Waters of March at Land of a Thousand Hills

Every weekend while the weather is nice the Land of a Thousand Hills (LOTH) coffee shop opens up the patio and features one artist and their music.  This weekend I had a chance to listen in to Waters of March.  Waters of March is a singer-songwriter from Marietta, GA who plays a blend of original alternative, folk and indie styles.  On this surprisingly cool August night in Georgia, Waters of March put on an intimate set on acoustic guitar performing his original compositions.

LOTH is one of my favorite places to sip a cup of tea.  Sitting on one of the couches, at a table inside or on the patio feels being at home.  Covering a house into a coffee shop goes a long way to producing that at home vibe.  The staff is always amazingly friendly the vibe is genuine unlike many of the big chain coffee houses. Adding to the appeal of LOTH is their motto: “Drink Coffee. Do Good.”WatersOfMarch-DSC01698-1

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Co. partners with farmers and local community leaders to develop the coffee into a sustainable income, pay a just Living Wage, and strive to further meet the needs of the people. When you buy Land of a Thousand Hills, you are receiving coffee that is 100% Arabica, fairly traded, and roasted fresh. Your excellent morning cup is offering hope to these developing coffee communities with each purchase. Drink Coffee. Do Good

Thanks to LOTH for providing free music on a Friday night!  Next time you are looking for a cup of coffee or tea on a Friday or Saturday night, you should stop by LOTH to enjoy some local music with your cup.

Q&A with Waters of March

Waters of March is a sweet loving and gentle soul.  His creativity and kindness comes out in his music and when he interacts with his fans.  He spent a few minutes before his set to chat with me.

Why the name Waters of March?

The name comes from Antonio Carlos Jobim’s song “Aguas de Marco” a bossa nova song from the 1960s.

Tell me about your creativity process.  Where do you start when creating a song?

I write the poetry first and then fiddle around with the music until I get it write.  I feel that all of my music if imperfect and I’m constantly adjust the poems and music.  I have book of hundreds of songs that I go back to from time to time and make adjustments.

How long have you been playing and writing music?

I got my first guitar when I was 12 years old as an early Christmas present.   “Sweet Child of Mine” was one of the first songs that I learned how to play.   I didn’t start writing my old music until 6 or 7 years later.


What was the first album that you added to your personal music library?WatersOfMarch-DSC01720-1

I would have to say Huey Lewis and the News Sports from 1983.  I started listening to music at an early age, perhaps the earliest I can remember was 1982, when I heard Micheal Jackson in my friends car on a Scout camping trip ride to the north Georgia mountains. I remember seeing early videos on TV with my brother and sister Saturday mornings, including “These Dreams are made of these” by the Eurythmics, and Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean.”    In the 80’s I bought Bruce Hornsby, the Ghostbusters, Prince, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi all on cassettes at Turtles. My parents always played John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High, Neil Diamond’s Forever in Blue Jeans  and the Beatles Sgt. Pepper in our living room on our old record player.

What was your most recent addition to your personal music library?

Right now I’m building my vinyl record collection, it’s my new hobby, other than doing daily crossword puzzles.  My most recent addition is REM’s “Ebow the letter” the 7 inch vinyl single from 1996 “New Adventures in Hi Fi”

I [also] have some early Pearl Jam, Ryan Adams Gold from 2001, the Chi-Lites “Tell me have you seen her” and “Oh Girl” The Guess Who “These Eyes” the Hollies “Long cool woman in a black dress” Modest Mouse “Float On from 2004, Soundgarden “Fell on Black Days” 1994.  I attribute all of these records toward inspiring me to write songs. I feel the works of Phil Collins, James Taylor, Nick Drake, the Beatles, and the album “Manassas”, and Neil Young’s “Harvest” are major songwriting influences to my original compositions! Pearl Jam’s Binaural 2000, Yield 1998, and No Code 1996 are in my regular rotation.

What was your first live music experience?  Which venue and which artist(s)?

I believe my first live music concert was seeing the guitarist Joe Satriani at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta in 1993. It was loud and the sound of the guitar gave me a huge headache and made me sick. It wasn’t the best experience. My favorite concert was seeing Pearl Jam in 2002.

If you could cover one album in your music library which would it be?

I’m really getting into Ryan Adams and I feel his work from Demolition has struck the greatest chord with me.  From 2002. I may be able to cover his acoustic guitar songs. I also love Beck’s Sea Change and his follow up Morning Phase 2014.  I already have covered have of Morning Phase at gigs.

What artist do you wish more people had in their music library?

Right now I’ll have to say these three: Beck, Phil Collins and Ray LaMontagne, They are all wonderful and very established songwriters that  have left their mark in music, and…. James Taylor is getting older every year, I hope to see him play soon.  He is perhaps a key songwriter of the past 40 years, with hits like  “Fire and Rain.”  He has inspired so many artists, yet I feel  many kids younger than me that I meet at open mics don’t even know him.

James Taylor “You’ve Got a Friend”