House of Wallenberg ft. Jwl B of Yo Majesty & Lady Bunny – “Keep On Dancing (Until We’re Free)”

The music community has responded loud and clear to the Orlando nightclub shooting that jolted millions of people in June. Among the unified response of love and persistent hope is a new single from DJ Wallenberg, Jwl B, and Lady Bunny called “Keep On Dancing (Until We’re Free)”. This song is an excellent addition to your Music Library, not only because it is an über fun dance track, but also because proceeds go to the Pulse One Orlando Fund, benefiting the families and victims of that awful event.

The song opens with the delightfully disarming vocals of Jwl B and morphs into an uplifting tune that pushes forward like Mario running through the clouds of his super world. This would be a good song to dance on a table to, so plan your footwear accordingly. (Unless you’re Lady Bunny; she is much more capable in heels than I will ever be.) For a song addressing such a heavy topic, “Keep On Dancing” delivers its message in a strong but lighthearted way. It is the dessert you want to eat after you filled your stomach with the main course.

The message is delivered loud and clear. “It’s time to evolve.” It’s a shame – to make an understatement – that there is so much distance to be traveled in the journey to freedom. But how lucky we all are to be able to hear these amazing voices and dance to this amazing song.


Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: