Review: iSHi feat. Shenie Fogo – “There For Me”

iSHi has a new single out with PRMD, featuring vocals by Shenie Fogo. The track offers something new, persistent beats that keep you upright, with Shenie’s incredible voice and style bringing a freshness that is maintained throughout the track, like an adventure through a new and constantly changing environment. If I played video games, I would blast this song while playing. I’ll have to settle for feeding it into my brain while lifting heavy. (Not a bad thing.) I like iSHi’s remix of Kygo’s “Stole the Show” and Avicii’s “Pure Grinding”, so perhaps I am biased; the layers of beats make the song as thrilling as anything else you can enjoy in a hipster café.

But I cannot say enough about Shenie Fogo. Now that I have heard her, I want more. She just might be the new Nadia Ali. She is featured in the black and white video for the track, wearing clothes that look very expensive in a crater, by a lake, and in the woods. The visuals are stunning, but really, this song doesn’t need a video. I hope to be dancing to it in the coming months in clubs all over the world.


Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: