REVIEW: Nick de la Hoyde – Thinking Bout You

It is not often that we hear about 20somethings leaving the world of professional soccer – the super serious kind that they play in Spain – to dive into music, but that is exactly what Nick de la Hoyde has done. He recently released a new single called “Thinking Bout You” with Gatcombe Music. The track reminds me of the singles from the CDs Delia’s sent their catalog shoppers in the 90s – while some were completely mind-blowing, most had talented vocals over meh music. Nick’s lyrical mastery seems to be inherent, as he has stated, “Sometimes it’s better for me to write down what’s on my mind instead of leaving it left alone in my head.” The introspective grappling with the world gives the song some sticking power, although the production leaves something to be desired.

In “Thinking Bout You,” Nick cuts to the chase immediately, with jumping beats, overlaid by the confusion and ambivalence of a young man trying his best to navigate interpersonal relationships. The song is peppy and as synthed out as Mountain Dew. Throughout, Nick’s vocals glide and amble, with the cocky pomp of a high-achiever bolstered by good hair and untarnished optimism. While the instrumental is as impressive as your favorite sandwich stuffed into a dry pita, the lyrics bring the bacon and, hopefully, serve as a precursor to greater stuff to come from this Australian veteran of the Barcelona soccer scene. The song is worth hearing, at least once. I hope to hear more from Nick; I am certain he is just getting started.

Nick clearly demonstrates his talents as a songwriter in “Thinking Bout You.” Perhaps for future work he can enlist the help of a producer who fits his style. When that happens, the result will be pure gold.

Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: