Scotty ATL on “Black Man” Featuring David Banner

The country has to be at a breaking point as I look at the headlines from this week: Chicago passes 500 murders in 2016 with 3 more months left in the year; Native Americans in North Dakota protecting their tribal burial grounds are being attacked by dogs; we have a woman hating racists on the verge of becoming the leader of this country and so many other reminders that there is a painful virus of hatred plaguing this country.  Earlier this year I was afraid to check the news every day for fear of seeing yet another Black man killed by the police.

What will happen when the people get fed up?   Scotty ATL and David Banner teamed up to to express some of their anger on “Black Man.”  David Banner and Scotty ATL are at their best on this protest song.  The background vocals are by Richelle L. Brown aka Cornbread.

I applaud every artist that puts their skills to use to call the people to action.   There is most definitely a message in this music.  I will leave it to you to determine what you hear and feel as you listen to this song. Scotty ATL starts of the song dropping lyrics that set the stage and reminds us of many of the things we need to scream in outrage about.

“I’m watchin’ Fox trying to hold back tears, Black Man got shot again, tissue box damn near empty some cop though he was reaching for his 9 he was grabbin’ his wallet ’bout to walk the stage tomorrow ’cause he just finished college” Scotty ATL “Black Man”

After that lead in David Banner comes in with his passionately filled verses with bars like:

Maybe we won’t fight back ’cause we think they look like Jesus, we praise there ass like Caeser with gold teeth and wife beaters yeah they rape Black women but we ain’t say nothin’ either… tell them racist crackers the revolution coming soon, if that bitch don’t come and I have to set it off alone I’m gonna braid up my hair and call Latifa on the phone... ” David Banner “Black Man”

The video is filled with images of burning cars, police in riot gear fight against civil unrest.  With a crew of people dressed in black, Scotty and Banner walk down the streets of Decatur, Georgia rapping about the injustices Black people face every day.  Is this a call to rise up and riot or a warning to the establishment about what will happen if things don’t change?  Take a listen and judge for yourself!  No matter what you come away with there is a message in the music and a call to everyone Black, White, Yellow or Purple that people are on the brink.

Scotty ATL featuring David Banner on “Black Man” on Youtube



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