PHOTO GALLERY: The Pussywillows Release Party for “Nothing at All”

Enjoy the photos from The Pussywillows single release party at Aisle Five, in Little Five Points, for “Nothing at All.”  In addition to the usual fun on stage with The Pussywillows, we heared Indee Killed the Pop Star and Trash Panda as opening acts.

The rock/Americana group The Pussywillows is made up of Carly Gibson and Zale.  The Pussywillows have been touring and playing their music live before crowds around the south east.   It was a wonderful night to hear them playing and to announce the release of their new single “Nothing at All.”

You can listen to new music from each the bands from The Pussywillows release party on Spotify.  This compilation album, produced by Patrick Taylor, includes debut singles from three very different Alternative Atlanta bands. The Pussywillows is a harmony driven female power duo. Trash Panda is quirky & fresh. Indee Killed the Pop Star is etherial.


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