REVIEW: He Is Me – Drowning Man/Ocean Man

He Is Me is comprised of Portland-based Casey Braunger and Calgary’s own Steve Moore. The two create simmering, seething soundscapes like liquid under pressure, that explode forth more powerful than any fourth-grade science fair volcano. He Is Me has released two new tracks that are meant to be listened to, interpreted, enjoyed, and read together, like Roald Dahl’s autobiographies.


A bass heartbeat slowly brings life into “Drowning Man” as the other instruments take their time to slowly join in. An ominously simple guitar enters, accompanied by Steve’s Michael Stipe-like vocals. The track unfolds like a newspaper carelessly discarded on a breezy street, its pages turning, whether or not anyone is around to read them. Casey’s musical arrangement tells a narrative as storied and complex as those dispensed by Rage Against the Machine. And then, “Drowning Man” fades away.

“Ocean Man” begins with a delightful scream, like Loki startling Odin so he’ll miss his shot in a cosmic game of Horse. The guitar and drums work as one like compressions and the crucial squeezes of the mask attachment during CPR. “Ocean Man” could raise corpses from the dead, so if you are superstitious, I suggest exercise caution when considering to blast this track on Samhain.

Taken together, “Drowning Man” and “Ocean Man” tell a story worthy of a Joseph Conrad binding. If you’re into metal, He Is Me’s latest release will make the perfect addition to your Music Library. Rock on, my friends. I think I’m going to go get something pierced.

Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: