New Music from Marina Evans on “Old Man Trump”

Singer song/writer Marina Evans adds to her catalog of music as she performs “Old Man Trump.”  This song was originally written over 60 years’s ago .but has a timely and relevant message.marinaevans-oldmantrump.

In 1950, Woody Guthrie rented an apartment in a public housing complex in New York. His time there inspire the song’s bitter lyrics, which lament the blatantly racist rental policies of landlord, Fred Trump, Donald Trump’s father. The lyrics to Guthrie’s “Old Man Trump” went undiscovered & unpublished until earlier this year. When Marina Evans read these lyrics, she felt that the resemblance between Fred Trump and our president elect was uncanny, and disturbing. So she wrote this song, using selections of Guthrie’s lyrics and adding some of her own.

Just how much
Racial Hate
He stirred up
In the bloodpot of human hearts – “Old Man Trump”

In this time of uncertainty about where president elect Donald Trump will take the country, history and his family legacy, paint a disturbing and disqueting picture.. “Old Man Trump” is a folk/Americana song written from another generation, provides a backdrop for both historical and current events. .  The song opens with with Marina Evans on acoustic guitar and then takes us on a bitter journey juxtaposed against her soothing voice. I love that artists like Marina Evans, use their talents to share a message that will help to promote, shape and inspire listeners to create social change. This message about the dark days of our past helps us to prepare for the future. Support Marina Evans by sharing her music and adding her to your Libro Musica.

All proceeds from sales of the digital track will be donated to the Woody & Marjorie Guthrie Fund at the Huntington’s Disease Society of America.  (Woodie Guthrie died of Huntington’s Disease in 1967). You can hear “Old Man Trump” on Marina Evan’s Bandcamp page.  Add this song to your Libro Musica and support a great cause.

You can find out more about Woody Gutherie and the story behind this song’s lyrics at The Conversation.