Young Ezzy on “In A Minute” From Upcoming Project The 1

Who says the midwest doesn’t represent the rap game?  If you are a doubter check out “In A Minute” by Young Ezzy.  This is Young Ezzy’s first track off his upcoming project The 1, which is due to release on December 23, 2016.  Everyone working their hustle can relate to the hook in this song where Young Ezzy proclaims “I’m a get a little money in my pocket in a minute.”  Then in anticipation of this success her declares “I’mma ball, I’mma ball, I’mma ball!”   This is one I see myself singing as a motivation to keep grindin’.  Take a listen and let me know if you feel the same.

The video is a Digital Dope Boyz and TVP (The Video Plug) production.  Coming out the box like this, Young Ezzy’s The 1 is something I will include in my wish list for Christmas.


Erika Johnson Written by: