The MJCCA Presents: An Acoustic Evening with Matisyahu

The MJCCA Arts + Culture presented An Acoustic Evening with Matisyahu.Matisyahu, the Grammy nominated performer, returned to Atlanta with a stunning genre blend of tunes and beat boxing; woven together with his authentic message of inspiration.  The show was a very interactive one with Matisyahu sharing insights about himself and inspirational anecdotes throughout his performance.  Almost every song was an improvised one very reminiscent of his performances from over a decade ago.  Tonight’s performance was his uniquely raw expression for himself and his fans.  His generation crossing message and appeal of his music was apparent when I looked across the crowd.  There were music fans both old an young enjoying this music.  His most vocal fan, shouting out requests throughout the night, was a you fan named Mia.

His latest release, the EP “Release the Bound,” is available on Spotify and iTunes.  See the Libro Musica review of his 2014 LP Akeda, here.

Matisyahu Live At Stubb’s



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