BASECAMP, Skybison and Shallou at Aisle 5

Some venues and bands are the perfect match and tonight’s trio of groups (BASECAMP, Skybison and Shallou) at Aisle 5 in Little 5 was a perfect pairing.  Aisle 5 is known for it’s amazing light shows, audiophile worthy sound system and huge space to enjoy the music.  Tonight, as so often is the case at Aisle 5, the performers took advantage of what makes Aisle 5 a great performer’s venue and the crowd enjoyed every moment.

We are experimenting with a lot of interesting lighting options.  We are playing with the visual side of the show to make it something that really adds to the live performance.” – Aaaron Miller of BASECAMP

First up was Skybison performing his original productions from his EP Envisage.  You can hear Skybison and his layered vocals mixed with hard hitting electronics and samples on Bandcamp.   Next up was Shallou.   Shallou is known for his soulful vocals floating over ambient electronica and house melodies.  Enjoy Shallou’s 2016 release “Heights” on  YouTube and take a listen to more of his music on Spotify.

BASECAMP opened with “In Stone” the title track from their latest EP.  Seeing Aaron Harmon pounding out the bass track on percussion,  witnessing Jordan Reyes weaving electronic magic and hearing Aaron Miller’s soulful voice on “In Stone” was a moving experience.  BASECAMP put together a custom light show that made the experience even more riveting.  If you have enjoyed “In Stone” you know there is that moment about three minutes in where Aaron Harmon loses his mind on percussion.  That bacchanalian moment of music driven ecstasy was not lost on the crowd as everyone thrashed to the music.   After hearing “In Stone” I was wondering what they could possibly do next. For the next hour BASECAMP keep the crowd grooving to their soulfully infused down tempo electronic sounds.

Enjoy “In Stone” on Youtube and add BASECAMP to your music library.  See our interview with Aaron Miller of BASECAMP.