Maradeen Wins! Becomes Opening Act for Bon Jovi at Philips Arena

Rock ‘n’ roll quintet Maradeen has been selected to perform the opening set at Bon Jovi’s ‘This House Is Not For Sale Tour’ at Philips Arena on February 10th.  I had the pleasure of hearing Maradeen perform at Aisle 5 this weekend.  Maradeen’s hard rockin’ southern style will definitely have the fans at Philips Arena rocking in the stands and shakin’ the roof before Bon Jovi hits the stage.

Since forming in 1983 Bon Jovi has become one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time. With over 130 million albums sold worldwide, a massive catalog of hit anthems, and almost 3,000 concerts performed in 50 countries for more than 35 million fans, Bon Jovi is the consummate rock and roll band.   Bon Jovi released their Billboard 200 chart topping album This House Is Not for Sale on November. 4, 2016.  This tour is a chance for fans, including the members of Maradeen, the chance of a life time to seen Bon Jovi perform live!

“In addition to being fans of Bon Jovi, the coolest part about winning this contest is the intention and inspiration behind why they put it on in the first place.. It shows an appreciation for every musician’s tenacity as we strive for the chance to have that one moment. They’re paying it forward and taking a chance themselves, as they probably don’t know what to fully expect from the winners. But we can tell you that what they should expect from MARADEEN is our absolute best. We’re gonna give them all one to remember and we, as a band, will be eternally grateful to them for this opportunity.” – MARADEEN

Thousands of bands uploaded audition videos to the Bon Jovi and Live Nation Facebook pages or to   To pick the winner for each tour date, Live Nation chose 10 finalists and Bon Jovi management selected the contest winner from the shortlist. After an intense competition, southern heroes Maradeen emerged as the winner.

Q&A With Maradeen

After hearing about Maradeen’s win, I got a chance to chat with John Rodrigue, the band’s drummer.

Congratulations on the win!  How did the band decide to enter this contest?
We figured three things: we’re fans of Bon Jovi, it didn’t cost anything and we had nothing to lose. The choice to enter was one of the easiest decisions we’ve ever made.

Which video did you submit for the contest? And why did you select this one?
We submitted the official video for “Livin’ For the Weekend,” which is the first single off of our latest album, Above the Horizon. The video shows us in the studio recording and listening back to the song and also features clips of us opening for Moon Taxi at the Georgia Theatre in Athens and performing at the High Watt in Nashville. Basically, it shows us in our element. If you gotta be anybody, be yourself.

How confident were you about winning the contest? What do you think differentiated you from the other bands?
While, yes, we did enter a contest, music or any form of art is not a competition and every band that entered had something unique to offer. We figured we had as good a shot as anybody in that their decision was based on one video judged by two teams of people.

Are you ready for that venue and the Bon Jovi Fans on a stage as large as Philips Arena?
We are beyond excited to meet the band and their fans and working with the arena staff to help put on an excellent show. This will certainly be our biggest platform to date, but we play every show with the mindset that it’s the most important. We have a regular practice schedule and are preparing for this as diligently as we would any other show.

If you get to play along with Bon Jovi, which song would you like to perform with the group?
I think “Always” is one of the greatest songs ever written, but I’ll be more than happy to watch them do their thing on that one. I was really stoked when they encored with it here in Nashville back in 2013. Maybe, Tico wouldn’t mind letting me hit that floor tom part on, “It’s My Life.” A man can dream. Clearly.

Again, congratulations!  I look forward to seeing you on stage at the Philips Arena as you open for Bon Jovi and thier “This House Is Not For Sale” tour stop in Atlanta.

Bon Jovi “This House Is Not For Sale”

Winners for other cities are listed at the Scoop Marketing website, here.  If you can’t make the the show at Philips Arena in Atlanta, you can see and hear Bon Jovi on tour all across the US through the fall.