New Video: Enjoy Lauren Jordan Rocking on “The Ride”

Atlanta’s Lauren Jordan just released a video for the title track from her 2016 EP The Ride.  The video was produced by Lauren at her  LJ Productions company.

The song, “The Ride,” is really an ode to adventure, living in the present, and being brave enough to enjoy LIFE through the perspective of a wild couple throwing caution to the wind. The video shows the guy’s perspective of his woman’s care-free nature and his willingness to celebrate their journey together…It also has some hella cool filters. – Lauren Jordan

Before seeing the video I had a chance to catch up with Lauren and learn more about the video.

Q&A With Lauren Jordan

It’s been a while since we last talked.  Other than pulling together the video for “The Ride”, what have you been up to?

I’ve mostly been working on booking shows and writing songs. Thus far, 2017 is shaping up to be a very busy year! I’m continuing to perform with my band LJ3 as well as solo and collaborative shows . This is year going to be all about growth-MORE shows, BIGGER shows…and a few surprises in the works! My restless creative nature won’t allow me to sit around sipping tea all day

What’s your favorite winter tea?

Not anything LABELED “Winter Tea.”! I am actually a huge fan of Celestial Seasonings’ Mandarin Orange Spice because it reminds me of a spiced tea my mother would make every Christmas when I was kid. I’m not really a fan of herbal teas, but this one is delightfully flavorful

Not everyone picks their title track for their first video.  How did you decide on The Ride as your first choice for a music video from the EP?

It was an accident, really! I had originally planned on doing a simple lyric video for “Dirty Blonde” but, back to my restless creative nature, I got bored with the idea. So after a little brainstorming, I realized that “The Ride” was best suited for the concept…I’m bold enough to wait on the more outrageous ideas until they can be properly executed

This track was produced at Dirt Romeo Studios, tell me about working with Alex Stephens on the music and production of The Ride.

It was such a fun process! He and I have a great rhythm when it comes to putting together songs. I throw down some scratch tracks with vocals and guitar at the tempo I want and describe the basic vibe I’m going for with the song. I learned quickly to be broad in my descriptions because I trust his creativity and talent.


Photo by Eralphia3 Imagery


How different was shooting a video from producing a song in the studio?

For me they go hand-in-hand. I went to school for both audio AND video production, so one without the other is like macaroni without cheese! When I write a song, I already see the video and the story-line playing out. The only real difference for me is the physical exhaustion that comes with tracking the music. Producing the video is so much more lax and can allow for serendipitous changing of gears, whereas studio work is quite precise.

You use a Shure mic when performing, right? What makes this mic your choice?

I’m a fan of the pick-up pattern. It requires you to be quite precise about vocal direction, so it forces me to maintain my timbre. I have a bad habit of turning my head to the side when I get louder (instead of just backing away), and while this does reduce the volume, it changes the overall sound of your voice which can be disappointing to audiences when they want to hear you hit that awesome note

Which artists from your music library are you keeping on rotation these days?

Lately, I’ve been all about Oasis. I was given their autobiographical documentary for Christmas and it has inspired me to no ends!  Not only have they written some of my most favorite songs of all times… “D’You Know What I Mean?” & “What’s The Story, Morning Glory?”, but they have my favorite LYRIC of all time: “Please don’t put your life in the hands / Of a Rock ‘n’ Roll band / We’ll throw it all away,” from the song “Don’t Look Back In Anger.”.So naturally, I had to buy all their albums and relish in all the deep cuts.

Part of the reason I can’t get them out of my stereo is because I know their story, and not just the story behind some of the songs, but THEIR story as a band…It gives their music another dimension.

Enjoy Lauren Jordan on “The Ride”

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