Zale Rocks the Stage at Eddie’s Attic

The last time I saw Zale perform at Eddie’s Attic she was performing with her on stage partner Carly Gibson as The Pussywillows (The Pussywillows Live At Eddie’s Attic).  For that show The Pussywillows were the opening band but, for tonight’s sold out show Zale headlined.  When I talked to Zale before the show, she promised that tonight would be something like I have never seen or heard before.  With this thought in mind I sat with baited anticipation as the announcer opened Zale’s set with:

“On stage right now, ready to rock your assess off is Hannah Zale!”

Zale Live At Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta with her Shure 55

Backed by acoustic guitar the night started with Zale’s usually powerful vocals on “If  You Like”, “Cari” and then Zale shed some light on the subject of gun violence with her song “Common Ground.”  Then things kicked up on stage as Zale brought out the rest of her band.  Shifting from just the acoustic guitar the rest of the show included Alex on drums, Melissa on viola, Jackson on bass, and Christian on guitar.  As a sign of unity the band inked phrases like “Rock N Roll”, “Zale Yeah” and “Fuck Fear” across their knuckles.

Carly Gibson, from The Pussywillows, joins in on vocals for “Maze.”  “Maze” is a song that Zale wrote for her brother when he was going through a rough time.  She dedicated the performance tonight to everyone that may be struggling to break out a bad situation, change bad habits or just needs  to make their life better.

“I hope that you find love in this room because you are certainly loved by me” – Zale

She performed a host of songs from her Fortress album:  “Take It From Me”, “Boyfriend”, “Paris”, “Onyx”, “Too Much Too Soon” and “Open Up Your Eyes.”  Zale also included a new song, “Prisoner”, that will be on her upcoming EP.  “Prisoner” is a love song that ebbs and flows between a slow and easy grind and then kicks into hard hitting passion filled ecstasy on the chorus as Zale cries out in exaltation “Free Me, I’m a Prisoner of your love!”   Zale also reminded us that it’s not just the hard rocking band that makes her music amazing when she performed “Moonlight” a Capella.

Every Zale show is better than the last.  Tonight Zale did indeed give the crowd something that they have never heard before!  With the addition of a full band she has pushed her performance to a higher stratosphere.   Be sure to check her tour schedule and come out to her next performance to come along for the ride with her to the stars.

One of the many endearing things about every Zale performance is the love that she shows for her fans.  Before tonight’s show she spent time greeting fans as they waiting in line to get into the show.  She thanked each of them for coming and told them how much it meant to hear that they came out to support her and her music.  After putting her heart and soul out on stage Zale takes time to meet fans, sign autographs and pose for photos.

As always Eddie’s Attic hosted a top notch evening.  Alex on sound did a great job and the wait staff hustled hard to get food and drinks to everyone without disturbing the show.  Add to this the listening room atmosphere where everyone is focused on the music and one has the perfect night of music.

Special thanks to Kari Leigh Marucchi of Found Art Photography for taking up the spot behind the lens tonight to let me fully enjoy the show.  You can see more of Kari’s Libro Musica photography here.

ZALE on Libro Musica Live!

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