New Music: Al Axy – Safe + Sound

There is a dynamo out there working for government and producing music in his free time. This guy puts every ounce of his being into his art, whether other people will be around to enjoy it or not. He is the proverbial tree falling in the forest. And he certainly does make a sound.

This mastermind is a friend of a friend, and he goes by the name Al Axy. If you believe in the indomitable human spirit, in persevering in the face of difficulty, then exposing yourself to the stuff Al Axy has put out into the world may give you some hope during these dark days of political asshattery. He recently posted his latest video for a new single, titled “Safe + Sound”.

The video features clips from what appear to be home videos of Al as a toddler. Standing in front of the projection, Al sings about breaking free from his self-imposed emotional barriers. The track is produced well, heavy on the electronics with a catchy pop melody. He sings with glee, smiling and dancing in strong resemblance to the smiling, dancing toddler in the movies. But there’s something else. Al has an indefinable presence. And clearly, he has a vision.

For many, the very act of producing music and creating videos involves facing the tough inner voices that threaten to derail any human being in their mission for greatness. Al has the motivation, charisma, and derring-do to blast past those voices and get his music out there. This is a man who knows what he wants and does everything he can to make it happen. I would love to see what he could do with a crew to help with production [and gobs of money]. Al Axy is capable of greatness.


Cover photo by Helmut Steiner Photography.

Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: