Angela Reign’s 3rd Annual “Rock My Valentine” at Atlanta’s Hard Rock Cafe

Angela Reign returned to Atlanta’s Hard Rock Cafe for her 3rd annual “Rock My Valentine” party.  The theme for the evening was “Love in It’s Many Forms,” and Angela Reign had something for everyone, not just the couples.  Little did the crowd gathered tonight know that just 24 hours later, Angela Reign would win the top honor at the Georgia Entertainment Gala.  When asked about winning this award she said:

I’m still on a high from Saturday night and am honored and humbled beyond belief. To win this award in a state with so much talent is hard for me to process, and leaves me so grateful for the contributions of the huge team that has supported me over the years. Musicians, song-writers, producers, fashion designers, hair and make-up artists, videographers, photographers, venue owners, the press, my manager and most of all my friends, family and fans. This award is for all of them, and I’m humbled to accept it on their behalf.” – Angela Reign

The night began with a few country/blues songs from her young protégé, Hadley Elizabeth, who would later join Angela on stage for a duet of Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats.” Vertigo Swirl then took the stage to perform covers of classic southern rock standards, such as The Eagles’ “Life in the Fast Lane,” and 80’s hair band anthems, such as Poison’s “Nothin’ But a Good Time.”  

The hit songs by Vertigo Swirl paved the way for the opening song from Angela’s band, Boston’s “Foreplay/Long Time.”  Angela Reign came to the stage wearing a red bustier and leather pants to begin her first set with the up-tempo country hit by Miranda Lambert, “Kerosene,” proving that the night was not to be filled with sappy love songs, although, she followed up with some slower country songs for those who had come out with a slow-dancing partner. The beat picked back up and the crowd started to get pumped up when Angela did the cover of “Love Runs Out” by One Republic. She followed with “Ho in Rio” and “Made Up Mind” before bringing Hadley Elizabeth to the stage for their duet. The audience was treated to another duet immediately after with actor/singer Erin Burns, which was an unrehearsed, yet impressive, version of Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me with Your Best Shot.” She wound the set down with her version of Little Big Town’s “Tornado” and then finally performed one of her original songs, “Reckless Kind,” off of her 2013 album by the same name.

While her band took a break, Angela debuted her latest single, “Music Within,” a subdued but inspiring pop song with a country sound at its heart. She continued with original songs from her first album, although, the track to “Cowgirls Do” had a fresh remix.  To show how far-reaching her music interests and talent lie, Angela brought on stage with her Se’von, an Atlanta-based rapper and hip-hop artist, to perform his song “Long Road.”  “Long Road” was one of the songs played during the 2012 NBA playoffs.  Angela Reign accompanied Se’Von on the chorus. What would seem to be an odd pairing to some showcased both Se’von and Angela’s talents and seamlessly meshed with the eclectic music selection for the evening. The concert-goers were not phased by the change-up in genre and packed the dance floor to party to something with a little heavier bass.

The second set proved to be a showcase not only for Angela, but also her backing band. After changing into a black, sequined bustier and red bow-tie, Angela was rejoined on stage by her exceptionally talented band for a rendition of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Proud Mary” in the style of Tina Turner, a comparison which she admits to having heard before. Not only are Angela’s vocals reminiscent of the R&B diva, but the physical performance also channels Turner’s high-intensity style. Both ladies seem to be able to do things in stiletto heels that your average person cannot. The song also displayed the true abilities of her band, talents she says she insists upon having accompany her.

Another comparison that could be made with Angela is Miranda Lambert, due to them both being petite blonds with not-so-petite voices, and she performed another of the country superstar’s hits, “Gunpowder and Lead” as a duet with Hadley Elizabeth. After having returned to her country music roots, it was surprising to hear her sing the popular song “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon. If that wasn’t enough, she then went into a mash-up of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” and Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” brought everyone in the venue to their feet. She slowed things down, yet again, with her original song “Tall Drink of Water” before paying tribute to the late artist, Prince, by performing “Purple Rain” with a medley of Wham’s “Careless Whisper” thrown in for good measure.

Angela Reign told the audience at the beginning of her show that she would have something for everyone, whether they were in love, looking for love, or of the opinion that love sucks, and she delivered. In the intimate space of the Velvet Underground, she and her band crossed genres, decades, and emotions with song choice and delivery. If you couldn’t have a good time at this show, there is not much hope that you ever will. Whether or not you find love is a different story.

“[This]show was such a blast for so many reasons. Seeing Hadley Elizabeth blossom from a gifted singer to a talented entertainer is great fun. The boys of Vertigo Swirl blew me away; so much energy and a great selection of music. Having Erin Elizabeth Burns join me  on stage was also very special. As a actress and acting coach, she’s both an inspiration and a mentor, and having her join me on stage was a real treat.  And last but not least, performing live with Se’Von was magical. I love the work we’ve done together in the studio, but given both our busy schedules, we get so few opportunities to take our collaboration to the live stage. When we do, it’s purely electric and I can’t wait to do it again.” – Angela Reign

Take a look at Angela Reign’s tour schedule to see the next time she will be on stage near you.

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