The ATL Collective Relives Pearl Jam’s Ten

The ATL Collective performed Pearl Jam‘s debut album Ten at Terminal West in Atlanta.  Ten was released on Epic Records on August 27, 1991.  In 2009 fans were able to pick up a reissued version of Ten.  Ten peaked at number two on the Billboard album charts as part of being on the charts for 256 weeks.  Tonight The ATL Collective relives Pearl Jam’s Ten featuring The Howling Tongues, India Shawn, Prisca, Daniel DeWitt, and Trae Vedder of Death on Two Wheels.

The ATL Collective is a celebration of music in its purest form. By re-creating past greats, the Collective discovers and fosters future greats.  Discover your new favorite Atlanta artists while singing your old favorite songs.  Tonight at Terminal West was a return to the glory days of grunge music and alternative rock.  Here’s the lineup for the night:

“Once” – Prisca
“Even Flow” – India Shawn
“Alive” – Howling Tongues
“Why Go” – Howling Tongues
“Black” – Daniel DeWitt
“Jeremy” – Prisca
“Oceans” – India Shawn
“Porch” – Trae Vedder
“Garden” – Prisca
“Deep” – Trae Vedder
“Release” – Daniel DeWitt

The ATL Collective puts on great show and goes beyond the typical cover band experience.  Blending headliner caliber talent together at Atlanta’s best venues makes for a spectacular night of music.  Stay on the lookout for future shows by The ATL Collective and relive some of the best music from your music library.

Pearl Jam “Jeremy” from Ten

The video for “Jeremy”  won Video of the Year and Best Group Video at the 1993 MTV Music Awards.

Pearl Jam Ten on Spotify