Soul Searching With Beth Hart at Center Stage

The blues rocking Grammy nominated singer songwriter Beth Hart performed to a sold out crowd at Center Stage in Atlanta.  Beth has a voice that makes you stop to listen and a stage presence that could fill up the largest arena.  Beth’s singing career got its first major recognition with a win on Ed McMahon’s Star Search in 1993.  A few years later, just as her career began to blossom with a major record deal and a hit single, things came to a crashing halt due to drug and alcohol addiction coupled with an diagnosed bipolar condition.  This seems to be a common plight with musical greats. The world has been robbed of many, such as Amy Winehouse, Donny Hathaway, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin, due to drugs and alcohol.  Fortunately, Beth Hart was able to find the path to recovery and since then she has gained a Grammy Award nomination for her album Seesaw and a couple nominations for Blues Music Award’s ‘Contemporary Blues Female Artist of the Year.’

Beth Hart at Center Stage Atlanta

Beth Hart is on fire as she tours to promote her most recent album Fire On The Floor,   There is no doubt that her fans love her!  I could feel the love in the air as she received a standing ovation after the opening song.  Tonight’s concert was filled with her personal testimony and an inspiration to everyone in the audience.  Tonight’s set included over 20 songs and showed off Beth’s multilayered style.  Beth Hart’s style includes a bit of  jazz, rock, blues, gospel and a sprinkling of grunge.  Throughout the concert she provided interludes with stories that laid bare her trials, tribulations and recovery.  A few highlights from the set list are included below.

Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald: I’m fascinated by them, but then when I heard Robert Plant and Chris Cornell, I couldn’t get over their power. But then, Rickie Lee Jones and James Taylor, their voices were so lovely and soft… – Beth Hart

Beth performed “Mama This One’s For You” a song she wrote for her mother.  She paused to take a moment to say many of the things that were long overdue to be said to her mother. After hearing this I’m certain that many people in the audience made calls to loved ones to say words that often come too late.   This song was done with just Beth’s voice and the piano.  There is no doubt that this woman can sang.

There was also a tear worthy performance of “Blame the Moon.”   There was so much raw intensity in her voice as she sang:

She remembers the day they met
Right down to the minute
Her life was never the same
Yeah, sitting alone in the dark
Staring into the rain
Her life was never (never) the same
She cries

Personal revelations continued as Beth Hart talked about being born and raised in LA.  Life in LA wasn’t the life she wanted to live and she ran away often.  These journeys. as early as the age of 14. took her to places like Alabama and New York City.  These personal experiences inspired her chart topping “LA Song (Out Of This Town)” which made its way to the top five on the US Adult Contemporary and number 7 on the Billboard Adult Top 40 Chart.

“Might as well smile” was written based on advice from a friend when she was going through a period of depression.  Her friend told her “Look in the mirror and say that you are feeling amazing, and ultimately you will start feeling that way.”  The night also included the songs “Bang Bang Boom Boom” and “Jazz Man” that show off Beth Harts love for flapper girl style jazz vocals and musical arrangements.

Beth Hart ended the show with “No Place Like Home”

It’s been a long time on the road
Without a soul to call my own
I’m tired of talking to the cards
I miss the flowers in the yard

This song’s lyrics includes a message thick with longing for being home an off the road.  After hearing Beth’s testimony of recovery and faith tonight I believe that her true home is on stage encouraging us all to be the best person that we can be.

Beth Hart Set List Center Stage Atlanta

Bottle of Jesus
One Eyed Chicken
Delicious Surprise
Close to My Fire
I’ll Take Care Of You
LA Song
Blame The Moon
For My Friend
Might As Well Smile
Tell Her You Belong To Me
Spider In My Bed
St. Teresa
Fat Man
Let’s Get Together
Bang Bang Boom Boom
Light On
Jazz Man
Love Is A Life
No Place Like Home

Take a listen to Beth Hart’s music and add her catalog to your music library.