Carolina Rebellion Artist: Citizen Zero’s ”Go (Let Me Save You)”

Detroit’s Citizen Zero has released a video for their single “Go (Let Me Save You)” off their album State of Mind, which they released last August. The group will be playing at Carolina Rebellion this year. Like the other music to come out of the Razor & Tie label, Citizen Zero’s sound is honest and delightful, with thoughtful lyrics and killer guitar.

The video features an elegantly clad woman (her décolletage is out) wandering into a spacious and empty house with a spiral staircase. At the top of a staircase flanked by walls with peeling paint, she enters a room that is full of flickering televisions, mirrors, and other shiny objects. She gazes, reaching, at her reflection in the various mirrors, and I wonder if that room was the result of feng shui gone wrong. Holy chi, Batman.

Fire blazing on one of the television screens, humanity in turmoil on another, Josh LeMay pleads with anyone who will listen, “Run, run just as fast as you can / Can’t you see the light so bright surrounds you…” shots of the woman (who has taken on a disturbed expression) are shown, interspersed with more shots of fires and people in bad situations. (Sort of reminds me of a movie I had to watch to become a madrina, which notably, included a snuff film. I still wonder about the legality of that.)   Cut to the band and – hair moving wildly as they play – and they make an offer, “Let me save you.” At that, Sammy Boller goes nuts on his guitar and the woman begins to break the many breakable things surrounding her in that room. Televisions, the kind you find in the free section of Craigslist, crash to the floor and the woman throws things at all the mirrors she can smash.

The song wraps up and the mirrors are all intact again. All but one, the subject of a close-up.

2017 Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion

Catch Citizen Zero at the 2017 Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion in May. They’re touring all over North America this Spring. If you make it to a show, plan for a good time.  In 2016, Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion had another record breaking year with over 90,000 fans in attendance.  If you missed last year’s Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion take a look at our coverage of Day One and Days Two & Three.

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